Lynkos inks $2.5 mln seed

New York-based Lynkos, an all-in-one business networking platform, has secured $2.5 million in seed funding. The backers included Inforcorp’s IC Ventures and Logitech Investments.


New York, New York – March 15, 2017 — Lynkos, an all-in-one business solution that is already being used by over 2.2 million businesses across the globe, has secured $2.5M in Seed funding for its platform to manage and empower companies to grow their business internationally.

The company assembled a prominent group of investors, including representatives from Inforcorp’s IC Ventures, Logitech Investments and a shortlist of angel investors that include Richard Rogers, Michele Santo and Sam Ross-Skinner.

Straight out of beta Lynkos’ platform is used across 224 countries and 900+ industries. The company aims to become the next up-and-coming unicorn by streamlining one of the most dreaded and stressful parts of running a company: gaining new business. To achieve this, Lynkos works as an all-in-one solution, facilitating companies to grow their business through every step of the sales funnel: from networking, to submitting proposals, securing projects, sending payments, and maintaining these relationships through the enterprise-focused social platform which includes news feeds and connections.

“Our partners have extensive experience aiding companies with their big-picture goal” mentioned Federico Cella, Founder and CEO of Lynkos in reference to the newly formed Advisory Board that includes IC Ventures’ partners Gabriel Colla (President, Infocorp) and Eduardo Mangarelli (Director of Technology for Latin America, Microsoft). “With our new funding round, we’re excited to continue building on our mission to become the premier platform for B2B networking and ultimately connect every potential B2B customer worldwide.”

After you set up your profile, Lynkos uses algorithms to match you with the correct companies you’re looking for. You can place requests of what service your business needs, and the platform automatically scans through millions of businesses, after which you will automatically start receiving quotes from the most qualified suppliers.

Features/functionalities of Lynkos’ platform include:
Generate new leads by connecting with businesses that consume your products & services.
Strengthen customer service and retain loyalty by facilitating communication and transparency through every step.
Mobile app available on both iOS and Android.
Gain visibility and improve your company ranking within your industry.
Create lists of companies, export them with full contact details or integrate them with 3rd party apps.
Submit, review, and approve proposals for new business.
Manage the flow of client relations, assign employees to tasks, see their status, submit reviews, and boost communication with clients through an integrated CRM system.

“These guys are up to something big. They are setting up ways for small businesses to connect with each other through vendor-client relationships, and thorough tests, pivots and driven by their passion they are starting to gain traction and unveiling a business model with endless potential. Lynkos’ B2B network is like a top-of-funnel on auto pilot for the integrated CRM.” said Richard Rogers, investor and Director at Dominion Funds. “The list of global social ecosystems is still open and B2B is always an interesting space to be in. I know that Federico and his team will turn the world upside down to find the way to make it happen. Lynkos is already widely used and will continue to evolve and expand at a rapid, yet smart pace.”

Lynkos has a free option providing the core experience, however several pricing tiers range from $19.95 to $139.95 per month, depending each company’s needs within the quantity of leads and analytics, as well as the depth of the CRM, email marketing and data exporting features.

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About Lynkos
Lynkos is a business network, with +2.2M businesses in 224 countries and +900 industries. Contact details, blog posts, social activity, team members, connections, customer reviews and much more is consolidated from multiple sources into each business profile. Businesses can connect with each other, offer and request product and services, or just use our network as a top-of-funnel leads for the integrated free CRM. Our mission is to connect global business, enabling businesses to target, find and contact every potential B2B customer worldwide.

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