LogDNA collects $7 mln Series A

LogDNA, a log management platform, has secured $7 million in Series A funding. Initialized Capital led the round.


San Francisco, CA — LogDNA, a log management platform that enables engineering and DevOps teams to monitor all of their system and application logs in a centralized location, raised a $7 million Series A from Initialized Capital. Co-founders Chris Nguyen and Lee Liu who participated in Y Combinator, plan to use the funds to double down on machine learning to proactively prevent server outages, and the ability to deploy their software in any private cloud / on-premise environment, in addition to expanding the sales, marketing and engineering team in Mountain View, CA.

LogDNA has seen user growth of 1,000% in the last 12 months with more than 10,000 users. The company has seen aggressive developer adoption because of their proprietary algorithm that indexes data to increase search speed, a design-centric UX/UI and a metered billing pricing model.

“Many of our customers are logging 5-10 Terabytes a day; speed to debug production issues and our intuitive user interface are the primary reasons we’ve been able to quickly earn business from our competitors” says Chris Nguyen, CEO and co-founder. “Our users tell us that we’re the iPhone of logging, whereas our competitors feel like a Blackberry”

Alex Haro, the chief technology officer of Life360, the world’s largest network for families, uses LogDNA, to handle more than 2 billion location requests per day for around 50 million families.

“We found LogDNA to be orders of magnitude faster than our previous logging solution while reducing total cost of ownership,” he said.

Segment, the leading platform for collecting and unifying customers data, uses LogDNA to track 80 billion data points a month for more than 15,000 customers.

“User experience and search speed was the prime reason we selected LogDNA” said Segment’s chief technology officer Calvin French-Owen.

LogDNA is releasing an on-premise / private cloud deployment of their software for larger enterprises in the coming months with machine learning functionalities to follow. The on-premise product is currently in private beta.

“There has been huge demand from larger enterprises requesting an on-premise version of LogDNA due to compliance and security reasons. We are HIPAA compliant for the healthcare industry with SOC2 and PCI certifications in progress for other industries” said Nguyen. “The winner of the logging space will have the best secured hybrid solution for cloud and on-premise.”

“LogDNA has become one of the fastest growing, most usable logging platforms in the world. Logging is the eyes and ears of large cloud applications and we have seen few that are as well documented and thoughtful,” said Garry Tan, general partner at Initialized Capital. “Chris and Lee are building critical infrastructure for all people who run large services at scale.”

LogDNA is the third time around for the pair of co-founders, who previously built and sold location-based recruitment website JobLoft to onTargetjobs. They then sold dating site Cupid.com to EasyDate and founded a social commerce site called TeamSave, a social commerce platform that helped eBay Classifieds enter the daily deals market in Canada and the UK.

Initialized Capital
Initialized Capital is a venture fund with more than $160 million under management that was started by Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian and former Y Combinator partner Garry Tan.

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