PE HUB Healthcare Wire Highlights, 10.11.18

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Approaching autism-care with a personal connection

It’s Thursday, healthcare fanatics, and it feels like a humid summer day in New York.

Has anyone seen “Three Identical Strangers,”  the new documentary about the identical triplets who discovered each other when they were 19? I watched it a few days ago and can’t stop thinking about it. I feel as if it’s relevant because — not to give anything away — it all comes down to a secret experiment of nature vs. nurture, behavioral genetics, and so on.

It’s fascinating, but disturbing.

Moving on. Since you last heard from me a week ago, new developments include TA getting ready to shop a pretty interesting medtech asset and my colleague’s latest fund scoop on a healthcare-focused pool of capital.

In other interesting news, Bain Capital Double Impact is getting behind many of the same themes supported by Bain’s large-cap fund (I’m talking about Aveanna). The impact-investing arm formed Arosa+LivHOME — a non-medical home-care company — through a pair of acquisitions.

What’s the impact perspective? The new platform will look to expand services to more individuals, but more important, Principal Peter Spring said, will be its efforts to create better career opportunities for caregivers. That’s important in the universe of home care. To tackle the labor shortage, addressing the issue of low home-care wages seems crucial.

With home care under its belt, Spring, formerly part of Bain’s buyout fund, said behavioral health, and more specifically addiction and substance-abuse treatment, remains a priority area for investment.

Back at it again 

I also spoke with MBF Healthcare Partners’ Joseph Ibrahim this week to learn what’s been keeping him busy over the past several months. Because, in case you missed it, his firm just struck back-to-back transactions across three different healthcare segments: autism, dental and hospice.

Among those is the formation of Acorn Health, the autism-treatment platform MBF has launched alongside Vicki Kroviak, a seasoned executive in the eating-disorder-treatment sector. Autism treatment, as many of you know, has commanded big-name investors like Blackstone and KKR — and hefty price tags, too.


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