Israeli tech startup Guardian Optical Technologies gathers $2.5 mln

Tel Aviv-based Guardian Optical Technologies, a tech startup, has secured $2.5 million in funding. The investors included Union Ventures and B&E Equities.


(Tel Aviv, Israel – November 12, 2018) Guardian Optical Technologies today announced that it received an additional investment of $2.5 million from investors Union Ventures, B&E Equities, and other private investors. The investment is part of a pre-B round that totals $5.6M that will be used to expand the Research & Development team to serve the companies’ expanding customer base as well as supporting customers’ projects.

Guardian Optical Technologies is dedicated to creating “passenger aware” cars that will be increasingly more important as autonomous vehicles enter the market, making them safer and more convenient. The Guardian Optical Technologies’s sensor provides 2D, 3D, and motion analysis in the vehicle to protect drivers and passengers by constantly scanning and tracking the entire interior of the cabin. With just one sensor monitoring the entire interior, it can detect the slightest movement and softest heartbeat in a vehicle, preventing dangerous human errors.

“Technology that creates passenger-aware vehicles can increase the safety of an automobile exponentially by alerting and warning passengers to take action and alerting the vehicle itself to take action,” said Gil Dotan, CEO of Guardian Optical Technologies. “Our focus here at Guardian is to provide an uncompromisingly robust sensing ability that would also extend far beyond the safety features. Our vision to challenge the borders of human machine interface for better user experience, convenience and mobility services.”

Built from the ground up to work with automotive hardware and software, Guardian Optical Technologies’s sensor empowers car manufacturers to build safer cars, and at a lower cost, by eliminating the need to install multiple sensors throughout the car. Patent-pending sensor technology provides real-time, comprehensive information on occupancy status based on three interconnected layers of information: video image recognition (2D), depth mapping (3D), and micro- to macro-motion detection. It is the first technology to detect micro vibrations using low-cost, automotive-grade components. The sensor detects the location and physical dimensions of each occupant and can identify the difference between a person and an inanimate object.

“We are experiencing one of the largest changes in the automotive world, with AI-technology that is powering all aspects of the automobile,” says Saar Lavi, Analyst at Union Investments. “As vehicles get more sophisticated, the safety and experience provided to passengers should be just as advanced. Guardian Optical Technologies provides a unique safety solution that could transform the way passenger interact and are protected by the vehicle itself.”

About Guardian Optical Technologies
Guardian Optical Technologies is dedicated to enabling “passenger aware” cars with cutting-edge sensor technology that makes cars safer and more convenient. Just one sensor providing advanced 2D, 3D, and motion analysis protects drivers and passengers by constantly scanning and tracking occupants and objects anywhere in the vehicle. This optical technology works with a car’s seatbelts and airbags to sound immediate alerts. The system utilizes machine-learning, computer vision algorithms and advanced optics, as well as “big data” analysis. Committed to providing high value to auto makers today, Guardian Optical Technologies designed its system to effortlessly support future advances in the auto industry, particularly autonomous vehicles. Based in Tel Aviv, Israel, the tech start-up was founded in 2014. It has won major accelerator competitions sponsored by EcoMotion and Microsoft, and has several patents pending, with other patent applications in progress. For more information, visit

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