LearnLux locks in $2 mln seed

LearnLux, a digital financial wellness platform, has secured $2 million in seed funding. The investors included Sound Ventures, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff and Underscore VC.


BOSTON, Massachusetts — LearnLux the digital financial wellness platform announced it has closed a $2 Million seed round of funding earlier this year. Funding comes from Ashton Kutcher’s fund Sound Ventures, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff, Underscore VC, Former Wealthfront CEO Adam Nash and other notable investors, who support the vision that financial wellness will become as ubiquitous as healthcare as a benefit.

“Financial wellness is a billion dollar opportunity and LearnLux is bridging the education gap that so many people have when it comes to money,” says Ashton Kutcher. “I’m personally passionate about FinTech and jumped at the opportunity to support LearnLux in their mission to bring financial wellness to the workplace.”
LearnLux was founded by sibling duo Rebecca and Michael Liebman in 2015 and has grown into the leading digital financial wellness platform with interactive learning tools that teach personal finance in an approachable and engaging way.

“What exists right now is archaic and not built for a modern workforce. We’ve built an independent, scalable solution,” says Rebecca. “That means we don’t push people to financial products that they don’t need and we can roll out to companies of any size and give them a personalized experience.”

The recent raise enables the LearnLux team to tackle the multi-billion dollar problem of lost employee productivity due to financial stress and hardship, with 10 new employer customers signing on since September.

“Financial stress costs US employers up to $250 Billion annually because a huge population of Americans don’t have the right information when it comes to their finances,” says John Pearce of Underscore VC. “This is an important and growing problem that Rebecca and Michael are well poised to tackle, and we at Underscore VC are honored to support them on their mission.”

About LearnLux
LearnLux helps employers reduce financial stress by offering employees a customized financial wellness platform as a voluntary benefit. Personal finances are the #1 cause of stress in the workplace, and employees want help from their employer to achieve financial peace of mind. For employers, LearnLux offers learning materials and tools around topics like 401(k), Healthcare, Benefits and Taxes to increase employee productivity and utilization of voluntary benefits. For employees, LearnLux delivers financial guidance on demand, helping them make confident, informed decisions through lessons tailored for all knowledge levels. Visit LearnLux at http://www.learnlux.com/.