Arable acquires three irrigation companies, forms Laurel Ag

Arable Capital Partners has acquired three irrigation companies: Hydratec, Inc., Lodi Pump & Irrigation and Universal Irrigation & Supply. No financial terms were disclosed. These three companies will merge into a platform called Laurel Agriculture + Water Solutions.


BAKERSFIELD, December 12, 2018 – Arable Capital Partners (“Arable”) has announced and completed the acquisition of three highly regarded irrigation companies – Hydratec, Inc., Lodi Pump & Irrigation and Universal Irrigation & Supply. These entities were strategically chosen by Arable to combine into a platform called Laurel Agriculture + Water Solutions (“Laurel Ag”).

Laurel Ag is focused on precision water solutions and agriculture products that aim to revolutionize the industry with innovation and a customer-centric mindset to help farmers, investors and management companies reach their goals. What once were separate efforts are now a combined group on the same long-term mission. Laurel Ag’s mission is providing growers with the right tools to do what they do best: cultivate the land in a sustainable, profitable and responsible way.

The Laurel Ag name is derived from the interlocking leaves of the laurel crown which illustrates our drive for a collaborative relationship with our customers leading to the ultimate goal of celebrating our customers’ successes. “As we developed this solution-based team, we wanted to be sure that we were filling the gaps with members that have reputations of excellence and integrity. The agriculture industry is a tight knit group, one where your word goes a long way. The combined success of our leadership team illustrates the value of integrity and building lasting relationships with customers.” – said Derek Yurosek, Managing Director of Arable Capital Partners.

The overall theme among Hydratec, Inc., Lodi Pump & Irrigation and Universal Irrigation & Supply is one of unsurpassed customer service. That commitment now lives on within Laurel Ag as the foundation for all that will be built in the future. “Laurel has the ability through this combination of successful businesses and management teams to create value for their customers. We are excited to watch the collaborative effort to innovate and develop new solutions for our clients and partners alike.” stated Greg Richards, Managing Director of Arable Capital Partners.

About Arable Capital Partners
Based in Bellevue, WA and Bakersfield, CA, Arable focuses on investing in food & agriculture companies. The firm takes a broad approach to the industry, making long-term investments from “seed to shelf.” Arable is an attractive partner for family operators and management teams, targeting 15+ year hold periods in long term strategic investments.

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