Is $21.7 Billion PE’s Answer to 756?

Typical Blackstone, which finally closed on its mega $21.7 billion dollar fund, the same week Barry Bonds broke the most coveted record in American sports. (Did Goldman send a taped video message congratulating them?). Hats of to them and the fact that it is pretty amazing that Blackstone has been able to raise close to $67 billion dollars, for alternative investing, in just 20 years.

So it makes me ask the question: Will this record be broken anytime soon? Is this considered the most coveted record in private equity (aside from the number of people subscribing to PE Week Wire)?

Well, office buildings have egos too I suppose. This is what we work toward, play hard or dont play at all. But seriously folks, are there any PE firms willing to embark in such territory? Especially with what critics are calling out private equity because firms cannot finance at attractive rates anymore. So with all of this in consideration, is this record going to hold?