Aleph Venture hires former Insight Venture associate Rosenson

Aleph Venture Capital hired Aaron Rosenson as a partner, the first outside the founding team. Rosenson joined from Insight Venture Partners, where he was an associate.

Press Release

Aleph Venture Capital, a fund focused on partnering with great entrepreneurs to help them scale into large, meaningful companies and globally recognized brands, announced today the addition of the first partner outside of the founding team, Aaron Rosenson.

Rosenson joins Aleph as its third equal partner effective immediately, three years after Eden Shochat and Michael Eisenberg founded the fund. He joins the fund from Insight Venture Partners where he was an associate responsible for identifying some of Insight’s most promising investments, including deals such as Docker, HelloFresh, Moat, Gainsight and Illuminate Education.

“We are thrilled to welcome Aaron as our third partner,” said Eden Shochat, Founding Partner of Aleph VC. “Aaron shares Aleph’s core values and hallmark qualities: a tireless work ethic on behalf of entrepreneurs; business ethics; transparency and service to entrepreneurs and community.”

As an equal partner, Rosenson will lead investments in startups and leverage his expertise to help develop the Israeli startup ecosystem and bring the companies to more mature stages. During his time at Insight Venture Partners, Rosenson also led M&A strategy and business development efforts on behalf of portfolio companies, and served as an advisor to a number of Insight’s CEOs.

“We trust that Aaron’s relevance to young entrepreneurs and his global outlook brings another set of skills, networks and perspective to Aleph and Israel,” added Michael Eisenberg, Founding Partner of Aleph VC.

Since its founding three years ago, Aleph has quickly become one of Israel’s leading venture funds and is a well-recognized brand in Silicon Valley as well. Aleph’s investment and community approach is a refreshing take for the local ecosystem, and hundreds of local entrepreneurs have participated in Aleph’s initiatives such as Growth University, a product workshop by Marty Cagan and the Karma Community.

“This is an exciting time to join Aleph, as the fund is fueling some of the hottest startups the country has ever seen,” said Rosenson, “I deeply identify with Aleph’s core values and the firm Eden and Michael have built. Aleph’s vision to build scalable companies out of Israel matches my broad experience with both early and growth stage companies. I am confident that Israeli entrepreneurs who are looking to scale their companies will benefit from Aleph’s varied experiences and perspectives.”

About Aleph:

Aleph is a $154MM early stage fund, founded in 2013 by Eden Shochat and Michael Eisenberg. At the time, Shochat co-founded Aleph after Facebook’s acquisition of, which he co-founded. Eisenberg co-founded Aleph after a decade at Benchmark Capital. Aleph partners with Israeli entrepreneurs looking to build companies that are scalable global change agents. Since its founding in 2013, Aleph has made 10 investments including Wework, Windward, Nexar, Meerkat, Colu, Freightos and Honeybook. Aleph’s most recent investment was in Lemonade, the peer to peer insurance startup.