Chrysalis Acquisition Fund I makes Maximum Yield its debut deal

Canadian private equity firm Chrysalis Acquisition Partners has bought Maximum Yield Publications Inc, a Nanaimo, B.C.-based owner of indoor gardening publications distributed in North America, Europe and Australasia. No financial terms were released. Maximum Yield is the debut deal of Chrysalis Acquisition Fund I, which was launched last September by Calgary-based Chrysalis Capital Advisors Inc to deploy more than $100 million to acquisitions of Western Canadian businesses seeking liquidity and ownership transitions. Chrysalis said it will focus on organic and strategic growth opportunities for Maximum Yield, and enhance its digital presence. Maximum Yield was founded by Jim Jesson and Linda Jesson in 1998.


Chrysalis Acquires Maximum Yield Publications Inc.

CALGARY, AB and NANAIMO, BC–(Marketwired – May 06, 2016) – Chrysalis Acquisitions Partners Inc. (“Chrysalis”), a Calgary-based private equity firm, is very pleased to announce the successful acquisition of Maximum Yield Publications Inc. (“Maximum Yield” or the “Company”) by Maximum Yield Inc., a newly formed Alberta-based company owned by Chrysalis Acquisition Fund I Limited Partners, the Chrysalis management team and investors introduced by Chrysalis.

Headquartered in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Maximum Yield owns multiple market leading indoor gardening publications distributed to various geographic markets, including the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. In addition, Maximum Yield has managed, staged and hosted popular indoor gardening trade shows in various U.S., Australian and Canadian cities since 2001. Overall, Maximum Yield has successfully built a dominant media channel whereby the Maximum Yield brand effectively connects indoor gardening and hydroponic product manufacturers, service providers, retailers and industry experts directly with indoor gardening hobbyists, green house operators and licensed distributors.

“We are delighted to transfer our ownership interest and the guidance of Maximum Yield’s talented management team to Chrysalis and its investment partners,” commented Don Moores, Co-Owner of Maximum Yield. “With the added benefit of Chrysalis’ extensive business experience and resources, we believe that Maximum Yield will continue to build on its solid foundation of success established during the past 18 years and capitalize on the tremendous growth opportunities represented by the robust international indoor gardening market”, added Jim Jesson, Co-Owner of Maximum Yield.

“We were very impressed by Maximum Yield’s dominant brand and market reputation as well as the highly attractive fundamentals and growth prospects for the international indoor gardening market and hydroponics technologies from the outset,” said Glenn N. Huber, Managing Director of Chrysalis Acquisition Partners Inc. and Chairman of Maximum Yield Inc. “More specifically, we believe Maximum Yield’s brand, publications and services align extremely well with a number of rapidly evolving consumer trends, including healthy eating and lifestyles, lower water consumption, the so-called ‘100 mile diet,’ etc. Overall, we believe that Maximum Yield exists on the crest of a number of formidable consumer and economic trends that will facilitate exciting and sustainable growth for the Company over the near and long term.”

“Maximum Yield is the kind of market-leading company that we have been actively looking for as an initial acquisition target for the Chrysalis Acquisitions Fund I,” said David Waslen, Managing Partner of Chrysalis Acquisition Partners Inc. and President of Maximum Yield Inc. “The Company has a superb and committed management team and staff that we are very much looking forward to aligning with to capitalize on a variety of organic and strategic growth opportunities, including an aggressive enhancement of the Maximum Yield digital presence. Even with its impressive track record of growth and profitability to date, we believe the best still lies ahead for the Company.”


Founded by Jim and Linda Jesson in 1998, Maximum Yield is the world’s most-recognized and reputable brand for indoor gardening publications and industry expos. The Company’s publications, which include Maximum Yield, Maximum Yield Industry News and Hydrolife, are all considered to be highly credible sources of information about products, services and methodologies by indoor gardening hobbyists and industry participants alike throughout North America, United Kingdom, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Maximum Yield’s advertisers, including more than 2,500 indoor gardening product manufacturers, distributors and retailers have come to rely on the Company’s publications and expos to create critical links with their target markets.


Chrysalis Acquisition Partners Inc., a Calgary, Alberta-based private equity firm manages the Chrysalis Acquisition Fund I which is specifically focused on acquiring controlling ownership positions and facilitating ownership transition for profitable and fundamentally strong small-to-medium-sized enterprises (SME) based in Western Canada. We seek to unlock latent value and maximize total returns to our investors through a hands-on, collaborative partnership with the management teams of the SMEs we acquire.

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Managing Director
Chrysalis Acquisitions Partners Inc.
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David S. Waslen
Managing Partner
Chrysalis Acquisition Partners Inc.
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Photo courtesy of Maximum Yield Publications Inc