Nueterra Physical Therapy gets new name and expanded focus

Nueterra Physical Therapy has rebranded itself as PT Partners, and will expand its focus to encompass established healthcare companies in addition to startup clinics. The company is owned by private equity firm Nueterra Capital.

Press Release

The company known formerly as Nueterra Physical Therapy has unveiled a new corporate brand and is now serving a more diverse clinical audience as PT Partners. According to company founders, the new brand and corporate focus are a more accurate depiction of their mission and convey precisely the type of relationship they seek with clientele. Having previously targeted startup clinics with clinicians, PT Partners has broadened its scope to now include established clinics, hospitals, accountable care organizations and integrated provider networks, delivering services to address every stage in the business lifecycle of a physical therapy program or practice.

“The goal of PT Partners is to build completely custom solutions for both providers of rehab services, hospitals and provider networks,” said Marge Epperson, CEO, PT Partners. “By taking a relational approach to our work, we can begin to understand where a given client stands in their business lifecycle and, from there, work to elevate their efforts and advance them to the next level of financial success.”

According to Epperson, the overall evolution in U.S. healthcare has been the catalyst for her own company’s rebrand and shift in focus. With reimbursement declining and transitioning to value-based payment, along with care delivery models favoring “narrow” or specialty networks, it has become essential for service lines like physical therapy to rethink their approach, concerning not only their delivery methods but also their basic business practices. Additionally, as outpatient services and bundled payment programs have come to the forefront, physical therapists, practice managers and other providers of rehab services are discovering new opportunities to demonstrate their value.

PT Partners’ private equity owner, Nueterra Capital, recognizes the innate opportunities that come with the current evolution in healthcare and believes their portfolio company is well positioned to capitalize on those changes. “Payment reform, risk transfer and consolidation are key emphases in Nueterra Capital’s investment strategy,” said Jeremy Tasset, CEO, Nueterra Capital. “PT Partners’ expanded focus targets precisely those features within the physical therapy service line, leading us to believe the company will see incredible growth in the near future.”

In their own approach, PT Partners emphasizes the business lifecycle and provides a customizable suite of services to advance clients successfully from one stage to the next; lifecycle phases focus on everything from new development to succession planning, including growth, diversification of programs and market alignment. PT Partners is keen on taking their clients from one lifecycle phase to the next efficiently and does so by establishing strategic plans with realistic, achievable goals that are focused but flexible and allow for changes in any aspect of business performance.

“We recognize there is a need to change with the times in healthcare, and PT Partners is adapting to that change by offering more than just equity and management services. We’re delivering partnership strategies, network solutions and strategic alignment opportunities that are applicable to everyone in the PT business, no matter where they are in that lifecycle,” said Epperson.

PT Partners offers comprehensive services, including planning, development and management of independent clinics or outpatient service lines, network alignment strategies, succession planning, strategic consultation and more. For additional information, visit them online at

About PT Partners
PT Partners is proud to align itself with a diverse clientele of physical therapy professionals, delivering to them a broad portfolio of customizable services and strategic business solutions that elevate their work and improve their financial success. Directed by former physical therapists and practice managers, PT Partners offers a unique understanding of the challenges faced by physical therapy clinicians, owners, managers and directors, and is uniquely driven to build the kind of win-win strategies and programs that will contribute to their ongoing growth and effectiveness. Services available from PT Partners include development and management of independent practices and outpatient PT service lines, growth and expansion initiatives, network alignment strategies, succession planning and more.

About Nueterra Capital
Nueterra Capital is a private equity investment and advisory firm with an exclusive focus on healthcare. Leveraging a deep understanding of key industry drivers, Nueterra Capital invests in entrepreneurs with innovative minds, while providing professional expertise and back office resources to improve their bottom line performance and drive growth. Nueterra Capital has invested in hundreds of new ventures and continuously delivers the resources and strategic direction that allow our partners to advance and improve every aspect of healthcare.