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Memorial Day: PE execs head to the beach, BBQ, hang with family

This year’s Memorial Day story, where we usually highlight the glamorous and not-so-glamorous pursuits of vacationing PE executives, is all about family and relaxing.

Many executives this holiday weekend are heading for the Hamptons, while others are going to Napa, according to an informal poll conducted by Buyouts.

There are dinner parties overlooking the beach, BBQs, and anniversaries and birthdays to celebrate. Stewart Kohl, Co-CEO of the Riverside Company, said he wasn’t doing anything “very exciting” this year. He has some bike rides planned, will spend time with the family and maybe do some personal reflection. “All work and no play makes Stewart a dull PE exec!”

One GP said he would be “deep sea fishing off of Jacksonville on a 1976 Bertram I spent 18 months restoring.” The exec said he has a mostly female crew led by his wife of 33 years, of course.

Nearly every year, Buyouts tries to figure out what our readers do when they’re not dealmaking. Past years have seen GPs take luxurious jaunts to Monaco or the Hamptons. There have been parties, networking at the Formula One Grand Prix and some execs even raced cars themselves.

Many executives this year said they would be spending the holidays with family, shuttling their children back and forth to tennis and soccer games, and celebrating anniversaries or birthdays. One GP said he was heading to the Telluride Mountainfilm, in Telluride, Colorado, a documentary film festival in that city. Another executive said he would be “golfing in England.”

Devin Mathews, partner and co-founder of ParkerGale Capital, said he was taking his family to New York for the holiday. They will be seeing “Hamilton,” the super hot Broadway show. Mathews joked that he bought the tickets nine months ago “after selling my right kidney.”

“It’s going to be more like a rock concert for my kids than a musical given that the soundtrack is on a constant loop in our house,” Mathews said.

Chris Ullman, managing director of global communications at the Carlyle Group, said he and his wife would be taking their three children to Arlington National Cemetery to pay their respects to those who served in the military. “We want our kids to know that freedom is expensive…many people pay with their lives,” he said.

Surprisingly, one activity missing from this year’s Memorial Day is working. No one who responded to Buyouts’ unscientific Memorial Day poll said they would be in the office this weekend.

One GP jokingly said he planned to spend his weekend on “work, work work!” But those activities, in no particular order, would involve working on “his tan, his marriage and having a great Sunday cocktail hour,” the GP said.

Action Item: To contact the Arlington National Cemetery call 877-907-8585.

Photo: Navy Vietnam War veteran Dennis McClelland of Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, holds a U.S. flag during a Veterans March on Ocean Boulevard in honor of Memorial Day in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, May 25, 2015. REUTERS/Randall Hill