Renaissance Venture Capital Fund adds two new officers

Michigan-based The Renaissance Venture Capital Fund added two new officers, Vince Nystrom and Jessica Scott. Nystrom is currently vice president of business development, and Scott recently joined the fund as chief administrative officer.


ANN ARBOR, Mich., June 13, 2016 – The Renaissance Venture Capital Fund (RVCF), Michigan’s innovative venture capital fund-of-funds, today announced the addition of two new officers to the Fund, Vince Nystrom and Jessica Scott. Vince Nystrom now serves as the firm’s Vice President of Business Development, while Jessica Scott has joined the RVCF team as Chief Administrative Officer.

Nystrom will expand upon RVCF’s success in connecting innovative young companies with Michigan’s most important major businesses, providing benefit to both communities and increasing financial performance. He came to RVCF from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC), where he led in-state business development initiatives, including the Pure Michigan Business Connect program. He also helped facilitate over $3 billion in contracts between major corporations and Michigan companies.

Scott will lead office operations, as well as support RVCF’s business development efforts. She previously served as an analyst for the IT Talent Systems Department of the Workforce Development Agency (WDA), where she managed the Michigan Virtual Career Fair events and supported the social media, marketing and outreach for Pure Michigan Talent Connect.

About the Renaissance Venture Capital Fund:

The Renaissance Venture Capital Fund is a fund of funds that supports the growth of venture capital in Michigan while serving as a bridge between Michigan’s emerging innovation company community and its strong industrial and commercial base. Formed by Business Leaders for Michigan, the Renaissance Venture Capital Fund boasts as its members many of Michigan’s most important organizations.  It has become a national model for strategic, financially successful regional investing.  Through its investment in top tier venture firms that are active in Michigan, as well as its own co-investments in emerging Michigan companies, the Renaissance Venture Capital Fund is helping to drive forward both innovation and growth of emerging companies in the region. And it is again proving that Michigan, with its unique combination of scientific, engineering and business talent, is a great place in which to invest.