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FOS Capital adds new VP to team

FOS Capital Partners has named Raymond Wu as vice president. Wu and the firm’s investment team manage the Future of Surgery Fund, which is focused on backing medical and surgical tech opportunities.


New York, NY July 19, 2016: FOS Capital Partners, a private equity investment firm specializing in healthcare technology companies throughout North America, today announced the appointment of Raymond Wu as Vice President. Mr. Wu and the investment team manage the Future of Surgery Fund, a partnership dedicated to fund highly innovative medical and surgical technology opportunities.

The Fund is led by a team with deep experience in the medical and surgical device industry and has served in key executive roles within engineering, medical and scientific environments. This expertise unearths important growth segments among independent med tech and health IT segments, which are experiencing high levels of innovation and entrepreneurial participation.
With 12 years’ experience, Mr. Wu’s deep skillset in due diligence, structuring, executing, monitoring and exiting healthcare technology and health-IT companies will help generate high quality risk adjusted returns.

“Ray’s medical and engineering background and track record as an investor in healthcare technology, will allow him to make major contributions to our team and capture the new value segment the future of surgery presents,” said Arndt Welsch-Lehmann, Managing Partner of FOS Capital Partners and General Partner of the Fund.

About FOS Capital Partners
FOS Capital Partners (FOSCP) together with its subsidiary FOS Capital Canada, Inc. (FOSCC) is a private equity investment firm with offices in New York and Montreal, Canada, which is dedicated to make equity investments in Healthcare Technology Companies in North America (US and Canada), which are clients of FOS Advisors, our consulting and advisory affiliate in New York. We specialize in these sectors:
1) Medical Devices
2) Health IT (Digital Health, eHealth)
3) Healthcare Services

About FOS Advisors
FOS Advisors is a specialized consulting and advisory firm based in New York, which provides services to start-ups and growth companies in the Healthcare Technology Industry in North America and internationally. Services offered:
1) Mergers and Acquisitions Advisory (Buy-Side/Sell-Side): For North-American or International health-tech companies (medical, surgical devices, health IT and service companies) that seek partnerships or acquisitions by North American corporate acquirers. FOS Advisors has active relationships with over 500 financial and strategic corporate investors and acquirers and can introduce the optimal partner for clients and offer full-service transaction advisory focusing on timely and professional execution and closing;
2) Growth Consulting: With a team of engineers and C-Level med-tech operators and managers, FOS Advisors can assist founders and entrepreneur design a successful business strategy for the US market and help achieve key milestones (e.g. strategic positioning, regulatory approvals, commercial launch, specific sales targets).