PE-supported youth charity Capital for Children awards over $147K to nine nonprofits

Washington, DC-based local youth development charity Capital for Children, which is supported by the private equity community, has just awarded $147,500 in new grants to nine nonprofits in the area. Among the recipients are The Literacy Lab and Horizons Greater Washington, both of which received $20,000 each. Since its founding in 2007, Capital for Children has donated $1 million to 12 nonprofits. Ken Doyle, senior partner at The Halifax Group, is the president of Capital for Children.


Washington DC, July 21, 2016 – Capital for Children, a local youth development charitable organization supported by the private equity community, announced today it has awarded $147,500 in new grant awards to nine nonprofit youth development organizations in Washington, DC. With these new grants, Capital for Children’s lifetime giving surpasses $1,000,000 as the organization prepares to celebrate its 10th Anniversary.

Capital for Children invests in nonprofit youth development organizations in Washington, DC through strategic grantmaking and by joining the boards of its nonprofit partners.

Two of these new grants are for new partner nonprofits: The Literacy Lab and Horizons Greater Washington, both of which received $20,000 each. “The Literacy Lab is honored not only to receive financial support from Capital for Children, but also to have one of Capital for Children’s talented, committed members engage on a deeper level by joining our board,” said Ashley Johnson, Co-Executive Director of The Literacy Lab. “This combination of investments will help bring the organization to the next level, ultimately allowing us to teach more children in DC to learn to read.”

The two new grant partners join Capital for Children’s current partners: Beacon House, Brainfood, DC Scores, Higher Achievement, Horton’s Kids, Live It Learn It, and Sitar Arts Center.

Capital for Children has now donated $1,000,000 to 12 nonprofit organizations in Washington, DC since its inception in 2007. “As we enter our tenth year of giving, this is an exciting milestone,” stated Ken Doyle, President of Capital for Children and Senior Partner at private equity firm The Halifax Group. “When we started out, our goal was simply to bring together the private equity community in DC to help kids. Years later, the implementation has allowed us to accomplish so much more than that original goal!”

Katherine Roboff, Executive Director of grant recipient Higher Achievement, commented, “Our partnership with Capital for Children has been invaluable. In addition to Capital for Children’s financial support, we’ve gained a great network of peer organizations, as well as new board members. One of our most dedicated board members, and former Treasurer, found us through Capital for Children. We are so grateful for their many forms of support.”

About Capital for Children
Capital for Children was created in 2007 to improve the lives of children in the Washington, DC community. Capital for Children’s members are all leaders in the private equity community at firms with significant private equity investments or serving as senior level advisors to the community. To date, they have invested $1,000,000 in their partner organizations, as well as volunteering countless hours as board members and informal advisors. These investments help more than 8,000 children throughout Washington, DC each year.