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PE HUB First Read

Delta Airlines is canceling nearly 250 flights today as it struggles to recover from Monday’s computer outage.

The Cayman Islands’ first locally transmitted case of Zika virus is confirmed.

Israel arrested a Palestinian employee of the United Nations in Gaza, accusing him of helping Hamas.

Patrick Kennedy wants people to stop calling Donald Trump crazy, saying it demeans those with mental illness.

Saudi Arabia is bombing Yemen’s capital again after a five-month pause.

Apple will unveil a new iPhone with a dual-camera system and no headphone jack.

Dutch recruitment firm Randstad Holding NV plans to buy jobsearch website Monster Worldwide for $429 million.

Republican senator Susan Collins of Maine announced she won’t vote for Trump.

Photograph: A passenger waits for his flight near a Delta Air Lines logo at Detroit Airport November 20, 2010. REUTERS/Sim Wei Yang