PE HUB First Read

The Blue Cut Fire in Southern California is burning out of control over more than 25,600 acres.

Ryan Lochte’s story about being robbed at gunpoint in Rio has changed somewhat, and two teammates were pulled off their flight from Brazil to be questioned by authorities about the incident.

The SEC punished a second company for using severance agreements that restrict whistleblowing.

Ford says it will have self-driving cars within five years.

Uber’s first autonomous fleet arrives in Pittsburgh this month, though the Volvos will have human supervisors in the driver’s seat.

A popular YouTube travel ‘vlogger’ denies taking money from Pyongyang for his recent feature on North Korea.

Big Democratic donors are facing identity theft headaches in the wake of the DNC hack.

The UN finally admitted some responsibility for Haiti’s cholera outbreak, while denying any liability.

Serbian nationalists protested Joe Biden’s visit to Belgrade by staging a pro-Trump rally.

Photo: Flames whipped by strong winds burn though a hillside before destroying camper vans during the Blue Cut Fire in San Bernardino County, California, U.S. August 17, 2016.  REUTERS/Patrick T Fallon