peHUB Second Opinion 4.27

Did You Know: There are two ways to go bankrupt: “Gradually, and then suddenly.” (The Deal)

April Bloom: So, is private equity fundraising on its way back from the dead? Dealscape thinks so. (Dealscape)

Plenty of talk: On New York Times’s article about Geithner’s close relationships with Wall Streeters. (NY Times)

Itchy? Private Equity is Itchy? The month-long equities rally has you all IPO crazy already? (FT)

Deal Profile: Deal Journal Has posted a deal profile, via DealLogic, about the biggest deal of the day, KKR’s play for Kirin Brewery. Can we think of any more words to add to the end of “Deal”? (Deal Journal)

Data Dump: Candover’s Private Equity Barometer is available for download here. (Private Equity Insight)

Flight Panic: Clusterstock has the video of the scary terror plane from this morning.  (Clusterstock)

No More Portoflio: Yes, Conde Nast’s business magazine has been shut down. (

New Rules: Will iShares thrive under its new private equity parent and what does that mean for the ETFs? (Marketwatch)

The Private Company Market: Not yet liquid enough to be a market, really. (Information Arbitrage).