peHUB Second Opinion 7.30

More PE Fraud: P.E. Manager Helped Partner Loot Firm Coffers (Fin Altnernatives)

More Media Buyouts: Shed Media is in sale talks with private equity. (Guardian)

Rants: A woman named Janet Tavakoli is asking: Where Were Drama Pundits [Whitney, Taleb and Gasparino] When It Mattered? (Tavakoli Structured Finance via Dealbreaker)

Learning from Private Equity: Strategic buyers are picking up on the “reverse termination fee” trend started by private equity pros in the dealmaking boom. (Deal)

Bankruptcies: The Next Wave: Credit markets have already improved and the economy may be on the road to recovery, but that won’t prevent a new run of corporate bankruptcies in the next year (BW)

Washington risks taking China too seriously: In compensating for past neglect, things could swing too far the other way. (FT)

Not Everyone Is Anti-Bank Rules: Charlotte buyout firms are on the hunt for bank deals. (Charlotte Business Journal)

In Retrospect: a video of Steve Schwarzman’s thoughts on the financial crisis from a year ago. (Valueplays)

Good To Know: Apax’s recent deal for BankRate isn’t its first ever all-equity deal (although, does this blogger mean cash or equity…? It’s unclear). (Private Equity database)