peHUB Second Opinion 1.25

Man Growing Vikings Superbowl Beard Since 1974. That’s gotta be one disappointed guy. Or maybe disappointed wife? However, judging by the photo, I actually expected it to be longer. (Post-Bulletin)

The Vlocker Effect: The PEC tallies what effect Vlocker’s new rules could have on private equity funds. (FT Alphaville)

Should Your CEO Blog? Conventional Wisdom says no. New Blogger Types say yes. Which naturally means there’s a third round contrarian somewhere. (Maybe your CEO Shouldn’t Blog, New Comm Biz))

Speaking of CEOs: How hiring one can kill your startup. (VC Mike)

Plainfield Asset Management: The fall of a hedge-fund wunderkind (Fortune)

This Should Be a Given, given the whole risk/return profile thing and all, no? FT reports that returns on PE funds could beat stock performance. (FT)

What’s Saving American Companies? Not taxpayer bailouts, but good old fashioned donations. This is not the ruthless, cold-blooded capitalism I signed up for! (Note sarcasm.) (Perhaps I should use a “SarcMark,” a new symbol that denotes sarcasm. You have to buy special trademarked software to use it, as if this is something that will really catch on, and that people would actually be willing to pay for. Ridiculous.) (

Bloomberg goes TMZ on Raj Rajaratnam: They chased the insider trader down. This video just feels awkward. (Business Insider)

No Check, Please. In its review of “The Checklist Manifesto,” The Wall Street Journal argues against “checklists” which they view simply as bureaucracy. (WSJ)

Here’s a Headline: Woman Uses iPhone App to Get Pregnant (Mashable)

Aw: A McSweeney’s open letter to Facebook. (McSweeney’s)