PE-owned Eckhart unveils new name

Eckhart & Associates Inc, which is owned by LFM Capital, has rebranded as Eckhart. The Karma Group advised Eckhart on the name change. Based in Lansing, Michigan, Eckhart is a producer of ergonomic tools and solutions for manufacturing companies.


LANSING, MI – January 19, 2016 – In response to rapid market expansion and record growth, Eckhart, formerly known as Eckhart & Associates, announced today its new company name and branding that better aligns the company with its future strategy and product roadmap.

Eckhart is a premier American manufacturing company committed to engineering advanced industrial solutions that enhance the quality of life for employees, customers, and communities across the globe.
Andrew P. Storm, President & CEO of Eckhart states, “Our mission is to embrace science and technology that helps customers build and assemble better products safer and faster. Eckhart enjoys solving the most difficult problems and we recognize our solutions directly impact the quality of life for those who contribute to the value-generating process of manufacturing. For this reason we felt it was an appropriate time to revisit our brand and ensure it reflects the impact we have on the lives of our customers, including the most important end-user on the factory line.”

“Our new name preserves the legacy of our founder and allows us to transition what has up until this point been a reference to the associates who provided the capital to start Eckhart. After 40 years we felt it was time to change our name and ensure new customers do not confuse us with a consultancy or law firm. We are proud to be a premier American manufacturing company.” The name change coincides with the development of a new website, significant investment in Eckhart’s Lansing campus, and several strategic hires.

In 2016, Eckhart looks forward to aggressively expanding its customer base and suite of solutions while exploring market adjacencies. With strong established customer relationships in the automotive, agriculture, home appliance, and commercial construction industries, Eckhart will continue investing in controls, robotics, and automated solutions that enhance customers’ ability to build higher quality products with enhanced safety and productivity.

Storm added: “Eckhart’s culture has always been committed to delivering real customer value. Our attention to detail and the reliable and dependable team we have allows Eckhart to deliver solutions that truly impact the lives of those who use our solutions on factory lines all over the world. We appreciate the efforts of our employees, our customers, and The Karma Group for making the name change and rebranding effort a big success!”

About Eckhart
Founded in 1974 and based in Lansing, Michigan, Eckhart is an established market leader in the design and manufacturing of specialized ergonomic tools and solutions to global manufacturing companies. Eckhart offers a range of custom-engineered lift assists, torque reaction devices, fixtures, robotics, automated/semi-automated work cells, quality process control equipment, and workstations that improve workplace safety, increase manufacturing productivity and enhance product quality. The company serves an established and loyal, blue-chip customer base of leading automotive and industrial original equipment manufacturers (“OEMs”), including GM, Ford, Tesla, Chrysler, John Deere, Bradford White and Caterpillar. For additional information, please visit

About The Karma Group
The Karma Group (Green Bay, Wisconsin) specializes in branding organizations and entities in which the primary engagement is a sustained relationship as opposed to a consumer product. They have helped companies ranging from mid-sized manufacturers to Fortune 500 corporations with national and global rebranding efforts.