Maletsky joins Acacia Partners

Acacia Partners said Tuesday that Greg Maletsky has joined the firm as a Partner. He previously worked at Waveland Investments.


January 19, 2016 – Acacia Partners (“Acacia”), an Austin, TX based investment firm, is pleased to announce
that Greg Maletsky joined as a Partner in late 2015. Greg previously worked at Waveland Investments, a
lower-middle market private equity firm in Chicago, IL.
Greg’s addition caps off a productive year in which Acacia closed on two platform acquisitions: Vision
Radiology and Sutherland Perennials Group. In both transactions, Acacia partnered with the company
founders. Acacia’s goal is to be the preferred partner to family-owned businesses, owner/operators and
management teams by offering a flexible, long-term solution. Acacia invests in lower-middle market
companies seeking equity capital of $15-50MM.
Unlike traditional investment firms, Acacia does not have a fixed investment mandate. Acacia has a high
degree of flexibility regarding investment structure and time horizon.
Acacia offers a compelling proposition to family owned/operated businesses seeking capital, including:
· Patient, long-term capital
· Appreciation for the unique characteristics that give family businesses a competitive advantage and
a strong desire to maintain that culture post-investment
· Small appetite for leverage, with a focus on generating returns through growth and operational
excellence rather than financial engineering
· Flexibility to structure an investment that is best suited for each company
· Access to a vast network of family office contacts to drive strategic introductions, growth and
operational excellence