A Gift For The Data Junkies

I was recently informed that in quarters past peHUB has to posted very detailed quarterly charts of M&A data that breaks down private equity activity as a percentage of the total by regions. Apparently that lovely chart, which includes every quarter since 2000, hasn’t appeared in this space for three quarters, but by request, we have updated it to include the full year for 2008.

Needless to say, PE as a percentage of the total has dropped significantly from ’07 levels. As a percentage of total M&A, it’s down 69% worldwide and 82% in the US. Total Global M&A was only down 30%; in the US it was down 37%. (I use “only” as a relative term here…)

We’ll try to keep this data coming at a more consistent and timely pace each quarter.

Historical M&A Data 2008