Accel-KKR on the Job Market

Years ago I joined a social media/job search hybrid site called Doostang. It’s kind of like LinkedIn, but with the expressed purpose of using “inside connections to get hired.”

The company has recently begun peppering my email inbox with greater frequency, and when I opened one such newsletter to “unsubscribe” (I’m not looking for a job and get enough email as it is), I was surprised to find a feature on mid-market buyout firm Accel-KKR. Is the firm hiring? Who knows. But here’s VP Dean Jacobsen‘s take on the job market, from the Doostang email:

Real Q, Real A with Accel-KKR

Q: “Realistically, will there ever be even 75% of the finance jobs there used to be–even 5 years from now? If not, what’s a relatively similar field that would be interesting to someone like me and how can i make myself marketable coming from finance?” – Hedge Fund Analyst, Stanford ’04

A: If you are asking me whether there will be 75% of the same jobs in finance in 2013 as there were in 2008, probably not. However you have to remember that finance as an industry is very dynamic, it is constantly changing. If you had asked someone in 2001 whether there would be 75% of the same finance jobs in 2006 as there were in 2000, they would have probably said no, and they would have been correct. With the growth of leverage finance and expansion of derivatives earlier this decade we actually ended up with more finance jobs in 2006 than we had back in 2000. I see parallels between 2000/2006 and 2009/2013 – more finance jobs, many of which are in different (currently unexplored) areas.

In other news, there are more than a few postings for PE jobs on the site. You can join Doostang through your school or your company.