Accelerant Ventures launches micro fund for Israeli startups

Accelerant Ventures has launched a New York-based micro-fund to provide Israeli startups entering the U.S. market with capital and support. Accelerant invests $500,000 to $1 million in seed-funded Israeli tech startups as well as support to help entrepreneurs to secure Series A funding.

Press Release

Accelerant Ventures today launched a New York-based micro-fund that provides Israeli startups entering the United States market with capital, strategic access and hands-on support in order to succeed on a global stage. The first fund of its kind, Accelerant removes the barriers for Israeli startups to grow on a global stage by providing not just capital, but guidance, acceleration services and access to a personalized network of key advisors.

Israel has the highest density of tech startups in the world and a rich history of technology innovation earning its nickname, “Startup Nation.” But for Israeli startups to reach their potential, they need to gain traction in the U.S. market and build relationships in the local community. They must also overcome challenges such as securing pilot customers and navigating the cultural divide.

Accelerant addresses those challenges by investing $500,000 to $1 million in the most promising seed-funded Israeli technology startups and offering a host of unique services to help the entrepreneurs secure Series A funding and beyond in New York. Services include introductions to pilot customers and strategic partners in the U.S., as well as access to vetted service providers in marketing, public relations, design, talent, management, legal and immigration support. Accelerant matches each entrepreneur with a personalized key advisor with deep domain expertise in the New York startup scene and in the business of its portfolio companies.

“We provide smart money to Israeli startups, but it’s our tailored services, insights and advisors that make Accelerant Ventures more than a funder,” said Eyal Bino, Founder of Accelerant Ventures. “Whether financing, business development services or a network, we help Israeli startups market navigate the local business and social landscape so that entrepreneurs with good ideas can see them realized.”

Given recent high profile exits of Israeli startups as well as the modest valuations and great technologies coming out of Israel, Startup Nation is becoming increasingly attractive for New York investors. Identifying the right startup has remained difficult. Through its close relationships throughout the Israeli VC community, Accelerant Ventures is able to identify only the best Israeli companies that have seed funding from credible Israeli VCs, angels and other reliable sources before supporting and priming them for the New York market.

“Despite the attention placed on New York, Israel recorded larger venture capital-backed exists in 2013. Six exits were valued at over $500 million. The New York venture community recognizes the value of investing in Israeli startups but need a trusted partner who can help them have access to exciting opportunities,” said Bino. “Accelerant Ventures de-risks these opportunities. we correct a funding gap for both Israeli entrepreneurs and New York investors by making these companies market ready.”

Accelerant Ventures will invest in startups that focus on scalable B2B products in new media, big data, mobile and enterprise software, and draw upon its position within the vibrant tech ecosystem to bridge Israeli innovation with New York capital.