Advanced Equities Financial Gets Socked by Forbes

Back in May, I’d written about Advanced Equities Financial, a Chicago-based investment bank and broker-dealer that’s been ushering a ballooning number of wealthy individuals into late-stage venture deals — and is about to usher in a lot more.

I questioned the firm, and its connections to venture capital firms like Benchmark Capital, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, ComVentures and a long list of others, whose deals it has been marking up for years.

Unfortunately, I didn’t make the time to dig deeper, and now Forbes has. I could shoot myself for missing this one, but I know a lot of our readers will be pleased to see the story out. (I received more mail about Advanced Equities than almost anything else I’ve written for PEHub.)

Kick back and enjoy; it’s a richly-detailed expose.