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Advice For Young Private Equity Hopefuls

In an LP panel at today’s Private Equity Analyst Conference, investors in buyout funds doled out advice to anyone looking to enter the private equity market. Here are there words of wisdom:

Jack Troy, Partner, Troy Investment Associates

Find a firm that has the values you like and an atmosphere of teaching. Look at TA Associates, for example. Anyone that knows Kevin Landry knows how many people he has taught the private equity business to. My advice? Find yourself a Kevin Landry.

Philip Walton, Managing Director, Cambridge Associates

Do it for the right reasons.

Brad D. Woolworth, Investment Officer, Private Markets, City of Philadelphia Board of Pensions & Retirement

If you’re going to have a career in private equity, remember that it’s a long term asset class. Pick a firm that, at the end of the firm’s life cycle, you can be proud of. It’s a long-term decision.

David C. Turner, Managing Director, The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America

Stay on good terms with your cardiologist. This business is not for the faint of heart.