Advus Completes Acquisition of InfoSecure

Advus, a New York-based software company specializing in corporate performance management, has acquired InfoSecure of Chevy Chase, Md., a company specializing in the deployment of massive cloud-based systems for communications and related enterprise applications. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.


NEW YORK, April 19, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — Advus Corporation, a leading global Technology and Consulting firm today announces the completion of its acquisition of the lnfoSecure Cloud Center in the Washington D.C. Metro Technology corridor. This acquisition strongly enhances Advus’ ability to deliver secure cloud-based services to its customers.

Today’s closing is the result of three months of negotiations between the parties. Advus executives analyzed several different options and concluded that these assets will best enable the company to serve customer demand for highly secure cloud services.

“After careful due diligence Advus realized that the intellectual property, the human resources and the infrastructure that we are acquiring from InfoSecure will considerably augment our efforts to “cloudify” our services. Our clients have increasingly requested multiple forms of secure cloud-based solutions and we had been relying on several partners to execute these projects. After some internal analysis we realized that the optimal solution was to create a new business unit with the full-blown capacity to address these projects. The lnfoSecure assets will be an important platform to kick-start Advus Cloud Services with a mature infrastructure and to continue executing our expansion plans,” said Dr. Marcelo Sant’Anna, CEO of Advus Corporation.

One of the key executives who have been retained from InfoSecure is Mr. Hugh Buitano, a product and business development veteran. He has previously served at Fortune-500 powerhouses like Xerox and Kodak, as well as start-ups like ContentGuard, a joint-venture between Microsoft and Xerox. ContentGuard pioneered Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology and related security services for protecting content over the internet. Hugh holds a Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering from MIT and will serve as head of Advus Cloud Services at Advus Technology Group. Hugh will closely work with the Advus executive team on providing secure cloud-based services to its customer base.

Commenting on the developments, Buitano added, “I am extremely pleased to join the very talented team of executives and engineers at Advus. I firmly believe that the IP and other assets that this deal brings to Advus will allow the company to accelerate its plans for highly secure access to big data and elastic analytics in the cloud. Advus clients and partners will have access to powerful systems and infrastructure that will protect client data with the same level of security and scalability required by federal agencies here in DC that systematically handle classified material. With Marcelo and his team, plus a significant part of my lnfoSecure team that is joining Advus Cloud Services, I will make sure that we inject scalable and secure cloud solutions throughout Advus’ entire portfolio of offerings, services and projects.”

Financial terms of this transaction were not disclosed.

About Advus CorporationAdvus is a business and technology consulting and development firm that has been assisting Global-500 companies through the use of Strategy and Innovation over the past 10 years. Advus Technology Group (ATG) has been providing software engineering and customized IT services to most of Advus customers as part of company engagements. One of ATG main engineering skills is the customization and integration of middleware and open-source stacks for high-performance and scalable industrial-strength solutions. For further information about Advus Corporation, please visit the web site: .

About InfoSecure Open Systems & Solutions

InfoSecure is a privately-held company based in Chevy Chase, MD, a suburb of the greater Washington D.C. metropolitan area. Since 2002, the company has provided trusted and secure integrated multimedia technology infrastructure and services to US clients. The Company specializes in the deployment of massive cloud-based BSS systems for communications and related enterprise applications. InfoSecure pioneered the Enterprise Rights Management (ERM) markets, secure VOIP communications, and massive, highly-scalable, virtual network operator infrastructure for turn-key mass-media communications and networking. The Company’s technologies have been used in digital marketing, mobile, e-commerce, banking and government applications requiring agile, secure and highly scalable transactions.