Aequitas Capital funds Gladstone Analytics

Aequitas Capital has made an undisclosed investment in Gladstone Analytics. Headquartered in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, Gladstone Analytics is a business intelligence platform provider for financial advisors.


PORTLAND, Ore., Feb. 10, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — In what is seen as a double win for the company, Aequitas Capital has made an investment in and established a partnership with Gladstone Analytics, ( a web-based solution that financial advisors can use to value, benchmark and improve their business operations, that will also allow advisors who work with Aequitas Wealth Management to add this tool to their practices.

“We constantly strive to find new investment opportunities for our firm as well as offer advisors innovative solutions that can help them run better businesses,” said Bob Jesenik, Aequitas CEO. “We found the Gladstone Analytics solution to be the answer to a problem faced by most independent advisory firms and a good investment opportunity in its own right. There’s no greater proof of that belief than the fact that Aequitas Wealth Management has become Gladstone Analytics’ first enterprise-wide solution partner.”

Gladstone Analytics provides proactive practice improvement tools that use real world data to help advisors assess different ways of managing their business that will result in different economic outcomes. The platform was developed by industry leaders with decades of experience including Owen Dahl, President of Gladstone Analytics and co-author of “How to Value, Buy or Sell a Financial Advisory Practice,” a book widely recognized as the industry authority on the subject. Gladstone Analytics combines real industry experience, with comprehensive technology-driven valuation metrics that go beyond outdated valuation rules of thumb to measure real value.

“We are extremely proud to have Aequitas as an investor in Gladstone Analytics,” said Owen Dahl, President, Gladstone Analytics. “Having such an outstanding firm as a partner serves as a real validator for our platform and will go a long way toward introducing this important tool to the audience that really needs it—independent financial advisors.”

The current deal is not the first alliance between the two firms. Both Gladstone Analytics and its parent Gladstone Associates LLC, a boutique investment bank providing solutions to independent financial advisors and the institutions that serve them were among the inaugural members of the Aequitas Financial Services Network (AFSN) when that was launched last year.

The AFSN provides financial advisory firms within Aequitas Capital Partners (ACP) (, with access to banks, insurance companies, institutional consultants, hedge funds, third-party alternative asset managers, and others with asset origination and investor distribution capabilities.

Brian Rice, President of Aequitas’ Wealth Management division adds, “Helping define an advisors’ value proposition and identifying areas for improvement through Gladstone’s comprehensive data and cutting-edge technology will be a great value to assist the firms that we work with who are looking to achieve the next level of growth.”

About Aequitas Capital
Founded in 1993, Aequitas Capital is a diversified financial services company that creates alternative investments including private equity, private credit and specialty finance. The firm leverages its robust network of industry leaders to invest in under-served sectors that drive the overall economy with an emphasis on education, healthcare and financial services. Aequitas helps its portfolio companies and strategic partners reach their goals by providing management expertise, technology infrastructure and a network of support services.

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About Gladstone Analytics
Gladstone Analytics provides a business intelligence platform for financial advisors who want to accurately value, benchmark and optimally run their practices. Gladstone’s tools combine real industry experience, comprehensive data and cutting-edge technology that allow advisors to measure, monitor and maximize the value of their business.