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Agent VI Raises $9 Million

Agent Video Intelligence, an Israel-based maker of enterprise video analytics software, has raised $9 million in Series B funding from existing backer 21Ventures.



21Ventures, a U.S. based venture capital firm, announced today a Series B, $9 million investment in Agent Video Intelligence (Agent Vi), bringing the total investment by 21Ventures in Agent Vi to $18 million dollars.

The funding is earmarked for sales and marketing and ongoing product development.

“Agent Vi is a world leader in video analytics. This investment signals 21Ventures' strong confidence in Agent Vi and provides the resources the company needs to insure its longevity in an industry known for long sales cycles,” said David Anthony, Managing Partner of 21Ventures.

Agent Vi's video analytics software has revolutionized security surveillance and business intelligence. Systems equipped with the company's video analytics software can, for example, immediately spot and report a person reaching over an unattended jewelry counter; detect a vehicle tailgating through an entry point; detect a person approaching a perimeter; or monitor how long a customer views a merchandise display