Alexey Belinskiy Joins Quorumm Russia

Quorumm Digital Venture Partners has added Alexey Belinskiy as senior partner of Quorumm Russia, where he will focus on e-commerce projects on seed stage deals. Belinskiy worked previously for Unicredit Markets. Quorumm Digital Ventures was launched in 2007 and has more than $500 million under management.

Quorumm Digital Venture Partners (QDVP), a third generation venture capital firm with more than 500M under management to invest and accelerate early stage companies in the digital advertisement and social media industry, appointed Alexey Belinskiy as Senior Partner of Quorumm Russia.

Alexey has more than 15 years experience in investment and management activities. He has spent several years in IB and corporate finance, private equity, industrial assets and general management. As an investment banker he worked for Unicredit Markets and Investment banking.

Being in charge of mergers and acquisitions advisory, he closed several deals in metals and mining for big international industrial groups.

Prior to joining Unicredit’s IB team, he spent several years on a corporate side, doing international large scale acquisition projects in metallurgy.

“Alexey will be our partner to establish together a solid footprint of Quorumm in the country and help the group to indentify investment opportunities in the local emerging digital sector” announced Martin Bueno, Global COO and Co-founder of Quorumm from Washington D.C.

Quorumm Digital Venture Partners currently has operations in Asia, Europe, Latin America and the United States, and has established itself as a Venture Capital of third generation in the Digital Marketing Industry. Since it’s launch has been investing more than 200 million dollars in acquisition of companies, and M&A of digital assets in 12 countries, achieving an annual average growth rate of 34.4% in its global portfolio.

“We start to explore investment opportunities on the digital sector in Russia, looking for passionate entrepreneurs who can show innovative business ideas and solid management team.”,said Alexey Belinskiy, Senior Partner of Quorumm Digital Venture Partners Russia.

Besides private equity activities, Alexey is an active digital venture capitalist with main focus on e-commerce projects on seed stage.

About Quorumm Digital Venture Partners (QDVP)
Quorumm Digital Ventures was launched in 2007 by veteran venture capitalists to focus on early stage Digital Marketing Agencies that demonstrate the potential for exceptional creativity and market leadership, with over $500 Million under management, has international offices in 5 continents, and is defined as a third generation Venture Capital.