Allied Minds appoints Dwyer as general manager for subsidiary Allied Communications

Boston-based investment firm Allied Minds said Tuesday that it has named Johanna Dwyer as general manager of Allied Communications. Previously, Dwyer worked at Blackberry Ltd., where she most recently served as senior director of standards and technology strategy. A subsidiary of Allied Minds, Allied Communications is a producer of next-generation wireless technologies.


BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Allied Minds, Inc., the biggest investor in innovations developed at renowned U.S. university and federal government research labs, announced the appointment of Johanna Dwyer as General Manager of Allied Communications, a subsidiary that develops next-generation wireless technologies to optimize spectrum management.
Dwyer comes to Allied Communications after more than a decade at BlackBerry Ltd., where she most recently served as Senior Director of Standards and Technology Strategy. At BlackBerry, Dwyer formed strategic collaborations with some of the world’s largest mobile network operators, spearheaded research into product innovation, and supported global product adoption and sales. She also oversaw an international team tasked with setting the direction for next-generation industry standards for mobile communications, and developed processes for evaluating and validating patents in order to monetize investments in innovation.
“Ms. Dwyer offers the rare combination of strategic management and hands-on product engineering experience – qualities that will be essential for the successful commercialization of Allied Communications’ portfolio of wireless technologies,” said John Serafini, Vice President at Boston-based Allied Minds.
Allied Communications was founded in 2012 under the leadership of Allied Minds Federal Innovations, which licensed innovations from U.S. Department of Defense research labs and Virginia Tech. The company develops proprietary technologies that address the finite availability of spectrum allocation amidst a rapid escalation in mobile broadband usage. It has used its world-class expertise in cognitive radio to identify solutions that enhance the performance of mobile broadband networks, improve their efficiency and capacity, and optimize the flow of data.
Allied Communications was established through Allied Minds Federal Innovations (AMFI), a division of the private investment company that formed the first public-partnerships with U.S. Department of Defense laboratories and research centers to commercialize their inventions and innovations.
“Allied Communications offers some of the most unique solutions for enabling federal spectrum to be shared with commercial network operators,” Dwyer said. “I believe there is an immense opportunity for innovations that can address the spectrum deficit that’s being caused by explosive demand in mobile broadband.”
An engineer and mathematician who also received a Sloan Fellows MBA from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dwyer also is a prolific inventor, with more than 27 granted patents in the U.S. and Europe. At the start of her tenure at BlackBerry, she spent five years managing a group of engineers and systems designers that worked with companies such as Motorola, Qualcomm Inc. and Nextel Communications Inc. on developing and launching successful second- and third-generation smartphones.
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