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Allylix Raises $3.35 Million

Allylix, a San Diego-based maker of chemicals, terpenes and production platforms for the flavor & fragrance, pharma, nutraceutical and agricultural markets, has raised $3.35 million in VC funding. Backers include Tech Coast Angels, Life Science Angels, Blue Grass Angels, Pasadena Angels and Tate & Lyle Ventures.


Allylix, a developer of fine chemicals, terpenes and valuable production platforms for the flavor & fragrance, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and agricultural markets, today announced it has secured a financing round of $3.35 million. The funding, which will be used to launch the first three of the company's six initial products, was raised by investments from several well-known angel investment groups and venture capitalists, including the Tech Coast Angels, Life Science Angels, Blue Grass Angels, Pasadena Angels and Tate & Lyle Ventures, a $50 million venture capital fund backed by Tate & Lyle.

Allylix's technology platform allows terpenes, a class of natural products that gives plants their characteristic flavors and fragrances, to be produced via fermentation in yeast. Allylix's technology replaces the costly and laborious extraction of terpenes from plants and enables the cost effective production of flavors and fragrances for perfumes, personal care, food and household markets.

“Allylix has developed promising proprietary technology and a solid business model for its commercial terpene product line, which is what initially attracted us to the company,” says Stephen Block, lead investor for the Tech Coast Angels. “The market growth and revenue potential for Allylix's products are enormous. Allylix's low-cost process reduces the costs of producing terpenes to as little as 10% of the conventionally high costs associated with traditional processes, thereby making these valuable compounds available to a wide variety of new market applications.”

Initially, Allylix will focus upon a class of terpenes called sesquiterpenes. Sesquiterpenes are part of the $1.9 billion aroma chemical segment of the flavor and fragrance market. However, current prices for sesquiterpenes tend to be very high due to the limited supply of quality starting materials and the high cost of extraction and purification throughout the industry. Allylix has identified a number of sesquiterpene flavors and fragrances whose markets would expand substantially if there were a low cost alternative.

“This is a significant development for the fragrance and flavor market; not only can Allylix produce fragrances and flavors via a cost-effective route, but the technology is also there to create entirely novel fragrances and flavors,” said Simon Barnes, Managing Partner of Tate & Lyle Ventures. “Allylix's fermentation technology is an excellent fit with our fund's focus on renewable ingredients and bio-technology.”

“With research and development nearing completion, we will use the substantial capital raised from these renowned angel investors and venture capitalists to launch our initial product line for the flavor and fragrance market,” said Carolyn Fritz, chief executive officer of Allylix.

For more information on Allylix's technology platform and initial commercial product line, please contact Avi Yesawich or Nina Jimenez at 858-457-4888.

About Allylix, Inc.

With business offices in San Diego, CA and research and development laboratories in Lexington, KY, Allylix, Inc. develops fine chemicals and valuable production platforms for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, agricultural and flavor & fragrance markets. Allylix's technology can produce high-value chemicals identical to those found in nature but in greater quantities, of higher quality and purity and at lower production costs than traditional sources that rely on extracting the chemicals from rare biological sources or costly and low yielding chemical synthesis. Allylix's technology is based on research developed at the University of Kentucky and the Salk Institute for Biological Studies. For more information, please visit .