Alstef, BA Robotic Systems to merge

Alstef and BA Robotic Systems Group are merging. The combined company, called B2A Technology, will provide automated solutions for the intralogistics, airport and robotics markets. Future French Champions, the partnership between CDC International Capital and Qatar Investment Authority, will hold 32 percent of B2A. Pierre MAROL will have 25 percent, Jean-Luc THOMÉ will have 17 percent, managers will have 14 percent and employees will have 12 percent.


Paris, March 5th 2018 – Orchestrated by their CEOs and backed by Future French Champions, the merger between Alstef and BA Robotic Systems Group will give birth to B2A Technology, the new French leader in turnkey automated solutions for the intralogistics, airport and robotics markets.

Both companies have experienced several years of very high growth in the automated handling and robotics market segments. United and leveraging on their industrial and technological complementarities, they will become a world reference in their markets. The new Group will generate a combined revenue of €100m and employ more than 500 people.

Future French Champions, the partnership between CDC International Capital and Qatar Investment Authority, will hold 32% of the new Group’s share capital alongside the two companies’ CEOs, key managers and employees. Future French Champions aim is to accompany the two companies in this new phase of their development by supporting the new Group’s expansion efforts, whether organically or through targeted acquisitions, in particular outside France.

Pierre MAROL, President of Alstef, declared: “The combination of our two companies within B2A Technology will allow us to accelerate our international development. Thanks to the support of our shareholder and of our banking pool, we now have the means to carry out external growth operations to supplement our offer.”

Jean-Luc THOMÉ, President of BA Robotic Systems Group, declared: “Our two companies have experienced many years of strong organic growth. B2A Technology will allow us to leverage the skills of our teams to continue designing and implementing the next generations of automated solutions with and for our customers. ”

Future French Champions, declared: “This merger gives birth to a leading engineering player in both automated handling systems & robotics, two areas of French excellence. The technologies designed and implemented by both companies stand at the highest level worldwide. We are determined to hasten the new Group’s international development and external growth strategy to enhance its value proposition both in terms of targeted geographies and solutions. ”




  • Future French Champions: Antoine Emmanuelli, Marc-Olivier Crisan, Stéphanie Vuillaume, Simon Beauroy, Marc Auberger


Buy-side advisors:

  • Financial advisor: Clairfield International (Alexandre Forget)
  • Legal advisor: De Pardieu Brocas Maffei (Cédric Chanas, Marion Lavigne-Delville, Jeanne Rochmann)
  • Strategic advisor: Advancy (Patrick Pudduy, Luc Regnard)
  • Financial due diligence: EY (François Poncet)
  • Legal due diligence: EY (Jean-Christophe Sabourin)
  • Social due diligence: EY (Anne-Elisabeth Combes)
  • Tax due diligence: EY (Anne-Laure Drouet)
  • ESG due diligence: EY (Kathryn Harrison)




  • CM-CIC Investissement
  • SG Capital Partenaires
  • Kreizig Invest


Sell-side advisors:

  • Financial advisor: CM-CIC (César Darcy, Cédric Vojetta)
  • Legal advisor: Fidal (Pierre de Gouville)
  • Vendor due diligence: Oderis (Aurélien Vion)




  • Société Générale (Benoît Douard)
  • Crédit Agricole (Jean-Luc Gangneux)
  • BNP Paribas (Marie-Pierre Delville)



About B2A Technology 

B2A Technology, Alstef and BA Robotic Systems Group’s holding company, is the French leader in automated turnkey solutions for the intralogistics, airports and robotics markets. B2A Technology employs more than 500 people and generates €100m of revenue. Its share capital is divided amongst Future French Champions (CDC International Capital and Qatar Investment Authority) with 32%, Pierre MAROL with 25%, Jean-Luc THOMÉ with 17%, managers with 14% and employees with 12%.

Created by Alstef and BA Robotic Systems Group to better serve their customers, B2A Technology offers integrated intralogistics solutions both in France and internationally. Its growth strategy rests on completing external growth operations to supplement its offering and expand its footprint.


About Alstef

Since its inception in 1961, Alstef has acquired a strong reputation for excellence in the automated handling market, first under the name of CGMS, then CGP and ALSTOM Automation, before taking its current name in 2000.

Over the past 50 years, Alstef has designed hundreds of integrated systems for airports and logistics facilities. It is a preferred partner for many industrial groups (agri-food, cosmetic …) and logistics providers, with a track record of over 400 facilities and more than 30 airports equipped worldwide. Alstef created subsidiaries in Canada, Turkey, Russia and most recently in Croatia, to support its international development.

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About BA Robotic Systems Group

Continuously innovating as international awards demonstrate, BA Robotic Systems Group offers its customers state-of-the-art mobile robotics solutions integrating the latest technological innovations. The group works in partnership with its customers to design prototypes that will meet industry’s upcoming challenges and with applications rolled out in the intralogistics, industrial robotics and medical sectors.

BA Systèmes, the French leader in AGV systems, develop solutions to support industrial groups in the automation of their flows. The group has already equipped over 300 facilities in Europe, helping clients such as Nestlé, L’Oréal, Clairefontaine or Système U to improve their productivity and agility, as well as the reliability of their processes.

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About Future French Champions

Initiated in 2014, Future French Champions is a partnership between Qatar Investment Authority and CDC International Capital:

–        Qatar Investment Authority is Qatar’s the Sovereign Wealth Fund in charge of investing the country’s budget surplus in the global economy in order to maintain next generations’ wealth. QIA is a preferred partner for financial investors and other stakeholders;


–        CDC International Capital is a subsidiary of Groupe Caisse des Dépôts dedicated to direct investment partnerships with Sovereign Wealth Funds and major international institutional investors. CDC International Capital’s partners network covers the Middle East, Russia, Asia and North America. Partnerships operate through distinct investment structures.

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