An Annual Tradition: Onset’s Holiday Card

After July 4, not many of us are in the yuletide mood.

But each summer, after the fireworks have settled, Shomit Ghose, a partner at Onset Ventures, sits down and writes the firm’s annual holiday card, which is being mailed today to friends and associates of the firm.

Onset has handcrafted holiday cards for the past 14 years, and this year’s ditty is a spoof on a gift catalog. The 8-page card includes such items for sale as Bernie Madoff fleece wear, humble pie and a cat-herding kit.

Ghose says it doesn’t take long to write it–less than an hour.

“My usual mode is lying flat on the family room floor with a pen and paper, and with my iPod in my ear to cut out distractions,” he says.

Following his initial writing, 1185 Design produces the finished product. Ghose wouldn’t disclose the cost, but he says it’s minimal and is part of the firm’s overall communications.

“The truth is, the cost of making it each year is about the same as if we went to Costco and bought a bunch of cards in bulk,” he says. “It’s a light-hearted greeting for the holidays. And people enjoy getting it.”

Last year’s keepsake was a spoof on Santa’s “Favebook,” which included such mythical friends as the Easter Bunny and The Perfect CEO. The year before, the card was a parody on “American Idol.”

As always, Shomit says if anyone has an idea for next year’s send-up to let him know, preferably by July.

All of Onset’s holiday cards dating back to 1995, including this year’s, can be found on the firm’s website.