Anagran Adds $12 Million

Anagran Inc., a Redwood City, Calif.-based provider of high-capacity flow management routers, has raised $12 million in Series C funding. Return backers included Advanced Technology Ventures, Draper Fisher Jurvetson and ArrowPath Venture Capital. 


Anagran, the leading provider of high capacity flow management technology and products, today announced that the company has closed a Series C round of funding. Each of the company's original venture capital investors invested in this latest round. The funding will be used primarily to expand the company's sales presence in North America and EMEA.

Anagran produces high capacity flow management products developed from the ground up for streaming and interactive applications that eliminate congestion to instantly boost the end-to-end performance and capacity of IP networks. In the past, enterprises and service providers have been forced to purchase more transmission capacity, router ports, and WAN optimization or DPI devices in an attempt to keep up with the growth in network traffic. However, the nature and mix of applications and resulting traffic volume have changed dramatically in just the past few years, with congestion quickly recurring even after purchasing router upgrades and WAN optimization equipment. The common practice of simply buying more networking gear means companies are struggling to economically keep pace with today's rich mix of streaming and on-demand video, voice, and interactive data.

Anagran is the only company that can address the urgent economic need for a simple, complementary networking device that enhances the performance of every existing device in the network, whether it's a router, network optimization box or DPI device, said Kim Niederman, president and CEO of Anagran. Our conversations with Fortune 1000 companies have wholeheartedly validated that companies don't want to rip out existing networks, but they do need to economically scale as their network traffic grows and changes. We allow just that, with a device that can instantly take a standard IP network and transform it into a world-class application delivery platform. This new round allows us to continue to help companies transform their networks.

With a simple drop-in complement to any IP network, Anagran increases the power and value of networks while extending the life of router and other networking equipment investments by dynamically allocating virtual capacity by traffic class based on the real-time state of the network. As a result, Anagran's products provide instant performance, fairness, and capacity gains to ensure that today's networks deliver the greatest quality and value today and over time