Anderson Cribs from Wikipedia in New Book “Free”

From the Irony Dep’t: Wired magazine E-i-C Chris Anderson has been accused of lifting material from Wikpedia for his new book, “Free: The Future of a Radical Price.” Waldo Jaquith of the Virginia Quarterly Review blogs today that he found “almost a dozen passages that are reproduced nearly verbatim from uncredited sources,” including several from Wikipedia.

Even though the content on Wikipedia is free, Jaquith notes that Anderson still would have been required to get a “creative commons attribution” license from the site and credit the Wikipedia contributors whose work he cited, which Jaquith says Anderson did not do.

Anderson didn’t dispute Jaquith’s report, telling VQR in part: “All those are my screwups [sic] after we decided not to run notes as planned, due to my inability to find a good citation format for web sources…”