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Angelsoft Changes Name to Gust

Angelsoft, the industry standard funding application for angel groups & venture capital funds has changed its name to Gust.


The past few weeks have been ones of extreme activity and excitement for us. You have probably noticed that the Angelsoft platform you were used to has changed. The entire site has been thoroughly overhauled with significant enhancements for both investors and entrepreneurs.

Investors now have a new interface for company deal rooms. This allows you to view more information about companies that apply to you for funding, while still giving you the ability to print the classic Angelsoft one-page summaries. Instead of a static deal room home page, the components of an entrepreneur’s application are now presented in a modular, extensible way. Also, as part of the platform upgrade, we have changed the way that funding applications are created. Instead of requiring the entrepreneur to fill out a separate application for each angel group or venture fund, the entrepreneur will now create a single, investor-dedicated web site, which will be constantly updated with the latest information, and shared with your group through the existing platform when the company applies to you for funding. Rest assured that all of your group’s requirements and custom questions, if any, have been automatically carried over to the new interface.

As you also have no doubt noted, this overhaul was accompanied by a full rebranding. Our platform, as well as our company, is now called Gust. This new name, which is shorter, easier to remember and impossible to misspell, allowed us to secure not only the trademark, but also the .com domain in the US and in many other key markets around the world. At only four characters, our new name works well in the era of Tweets and micro blogs, and works well in countries where the word “angel” has no relation to financing, but instead has religious connotations.

Finally, I’d like to apologize for any inconvenience this transition may have caused, and to express my gratitude for the feedback we have received from our users, which has allowed us to quickly address issues and implement enhancements. We will continue to work closely with them and will keep you apprised of our progress. As you use our newly revamped system I encourage you to report any technical problems you may experience by reaching out to our team or emailing It is only through ongoing dialogue that we will be able to develop a system that will truly be the entrepreneurial finance infrastructure for the 21st century.

Thank you for your ongoing support as we venture forward.

David S. Rose
Gust (formerly Angelsoft)