Appointed Partners launched to match companies with board members, executives

Appointed Partners, founded by Marci Nigro, former partner at executive search firm TEG,  launched today to help match PE-backed companies and Fortune 1000 companies with board members and other executive talent.


New York, NY, September 8, 2015- Appointed Partners, a leadership advisory solutions firm launched today, transforming the way Private Equity and Fortune 1000 companies meet and collaborate with vetted, qualified Board Director and C-level leaders. The new firm has a sharp focus on C-level and Board Level expertise at the Functional level, as well as at the Diversity level which includes Female diversity, next generation leadership, and cross-functional board expertise.

Appointed Partners was created with the mission to remove the obstacles that are holding companies back from realizing optimal Board Director and C-level composition. The Appointed Partners solutions empower clients to employ happy and effective leadership teams by proactively addressing and overcoming leadership issues that can undermine company performance such as stagnant or distressed leadership teams, lack of objective perspective, revolving door in executive roles, lack of board refreshment, lack of diversity, and lack of succession planning.

“It takes more than great talent to make a great board. Talent alone cannot overcome dysfunctional dynamics. Companies increasingly recognize the distinction between diversity and inclusiveness: Diversity is counting numbers; inclusiveness is making the numbers count. Boards need to improve on both dimensions.” June 2013 issue of Harvard Business Review.

The team at Appointed Partners applies decades of expertise in best of breed professional matching, helping clients mitigate risk, and facilitating executive connections. They use a proven, unbiased, and methodical process to professionally match and connect their clients with a coveted network of Board level and C-level leaders. Whether there is an immediate or future need, their services lead to and secure both interim and permanent engagements. With their trusted advisor status, Appointed Partners operates with the utmost integrity, confidentiality, professionalism, and thoughtfulness. Appointed Partners empowers clients to have direct connections to a diverse and pre-qualified collection of leaders who bring fresh perspectives, the right blend of skills, community eco-systems, and transformational influence across the board.

About Appointed Partners
Appointed Partners is a leadership advisory solutions firm, transforming the way Private Equity and Fortune 1000 companies meet and collaborate with vetted, qualified Board Director and C-level leaders. As a firm comprised of authentic, seasoned business professionals, Appointed Partners takes a humanistic approach in tackling one of the biggest challenges that all companies face which is sustainable access to a diverse bench of keyed up Board and C-level leaders. Appointed Partners prepares clients for planned or unforeseen leadership changes in Technology, Financial Services, Pharma/Bio Tech, Healthcare, Energy, Software, Consumer Goods, and Media. For more information, please visit or call 212-658-1986. Media contact, Kathryn Daniels, email