Aqua Capital buys 70 pct of Rech Agricola

Aqua Capital has acquired 70 percent of Rech Agricola. Financial terms weren’t announced. Rech, of Brazil, is a distributor of spare parts for agricultural machines. The Collins Group Inc provided financial advice to Rech Agricola.

The Collins Group Inc.
M&A and Corporate Financing Advisors
8 January 2019
The Collins Group Inc. with headquarters in Montreal, Canada, is pleased to announce the acquisition by Aqua Capital based in Sao Paulo of 70% of Rech Agricola with headquarters in Primavera do Leste, Mato Groso. Rech Agricola is a major player in Brazil in distributing spare parts for agricultural machines. The Brazilian team of The Collins Group initiated this transaction and was the financial advisor to Rech Agricola, which has been growing at a two digit pace, and this transaction will allow it to accelerate its growth and geographical footprint. This transaction was the first phase of a roll-up project developed by The Collins Group for distribution of spare parts of agricultural machines in Brazil.