arc AM and RVC Infrafund Launch Isam PE Fund

arc Asset Management, an independent management company specialized in creating and managing collective investment vehicles for SMEs and RVC InfraFund, an investment fund, established by Russian Venture Capital and SME Bank, have launched ISAM Fund SICAV-SIF. The goal of the fund is to foster transfer of technology and know-how between Italian and Russian SMEs.


arc Asset Management, an independent management company specialized in creating and managing Collective Investment Vehicles for SMEs, and RVC InfraFund, an investment fund, established by Russian Venture Capital and SME Bank, have launched ISAM Fund, SICAV-SIF aiming to invest into companies with a strong potential for international growth.

ISAM Fund’s goal is to foster transfer of technology and know-how between Russia and Italy, to open new markets for European, in particular to Italian, and Russian SMEs.

arc A.M. and InfraFund have joint their competencies to help SMEs, which play a crucial role in developing the economy and in creating employment, in need of additional capital to grow their international presence.

ISAM Fund will provide for a commitment of 100 million euro for equity investments into SMEs.

ISAM Fund’s portfolio companies will access new capital, expand internationally, undergo management improvement through professionalization and integration of family/managerial models and gain further product and market diversification.

Italy has a significant number of SMEs with a recognized and established know-how and made in Italy brand and competencies in need of new partnerships to strengthen their international presence and further expansion. Russia, bridge between Europe and Asia, has high growth potentials, natural resources and technical competences, needs to expand the SME segment improve the country’s industrial ranking globally by further fostering entrepreneurship (also within younger generations of entrepreneurs).

ISAM Fund aims to combine strategic skills and needs of both countries to create better opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Angelo Lazzari, CEO of arc A.M and founder of ISAM commented “The Joint Venture between arc Asset Management and InfraFund RVC is based on shared values and perspectives, the importance of which is not simply on the returns in financial terms. It’s important to stress that both Russian and European companies will benefit from this agreement, which will also strengthen the development of Russian- Italian economic cooperation.

Michael Ievenko, Investment manager of InfraFund says «Our company creates new opportunity for Russian technology companies to enter international markets and get access to European knowhow and best practices. Combined with growing demand of Russian economy for innovations and intention of European companies to expand their operations abroad it helps to build new integration points for technology markets.

ISAM Fund will invest in Russian and European, in particular Italian, SMEs with a unique approach which combines a typical private equity approach with an entrepreneurial setting, encouraging the creation of a NewCo in Russia or in Europe to satisfy domestic demand with local production and foster local entrepreneurship.

Strengthened by this mission, ISAM Fund offers investors two different investment vehicles, equity ISAM FUND SIF SMEs/PE) and bonds (ISAM FUND SIF SME/BOND). These two options offer different risk-return-ratio, to guarantee portfolio diversification and the creation of value.

UBI International, fourth Italian Bank Group, is the Depositary Bank in Luxembourg.

arc Asset Management is an independent management company, with headquarters in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, specialized in creating and managing Collective Investment Vehicles. The company is endowed with the European Passport to render its services in every country that has acknowledged the UCITS Directive.

arc Asset Management is a harmonized wealth management company offering its services to any country within the European Community. Its absolute independence from any banking, insurance or financial Group is a guarantee of high level services – free from any conflict of interest.

In 2011 arc AM has launched True Energy Fund through its Luxemburgish SICAV, IRIS SICAF-SIF.

RVC InfraFund–Infrastructural Investments of RVC (Russian Venture Capital) was launched on 24 January 2011 by RVC and SME Bank (Russian Bank for Small and Medium Enterprises Support) a subsidiary bank owned by VEB – VneshEconomBank , Bank for Development and Foreign Economic Affairs.

RVC InfraFund plays a key role in the development of «soft» infrustracture and entrepreneurial learning for the technology focused SME segment domestically and abroad.

RVC, a government fund of funds and a development institute of the Russian Federation established on June 7, 2006, has the mission to stimulate the venture capital industry and to enhance development through the support of industrial and infrastructural services in the country, in order to increase international investors’ interest in the country. Through RVC, the Russian government intends to support its national innovation system.

SME Bank has been implementing the state SME Lend­ing Support Program since 2004, and acts as the conduit of government funding for SMEs throughout Russia.

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