Ardian takes stake in Nutripure

Ardian has acquired a stake in Nutripure, a provider of food supplements.

Ardian has acquired a stake in Nutripure, a provider of food supplements. No financial terms were disclosed.


Paris, May 10, 2022 – Ardian, a world-leading private investment house, announced today that it has acquired a stake in Nutripure, with Bpifrance completing the financing round. Founded at the end of 2017 by two brothers, Christophe Carrio, five-time world karate champion, and Florent Carrio, Nutripure is a Digital Native Vertical Brand (DNVB), which develops and distributes food supplements and organic superfoods, mostly via its own website.

Nutripure has experienced strong growth of over 90% per year since its creation and has been profitable since its inception. The company is becoming a leader in its market, notably due to its unique positioning covering a variety of sports and health needs. The brand is recognized by consumers for its premium quality, relying on naturality, purity and traceability of components, with all of its products manufactured in France.

Initially created to address the needs of professional athletes, Nutripure is now targeting anyone wishing to take care of their health. The depth of the offering is materialized by four categories of products: Health & Metabolism, Muscle Gain & Endurance, Tendons & Ligaments, and Healthy Nutrition. The brand offers a growing range of products dedicated to specific needs, including sleep quality, stress reduction, joints care, blood circulation improvement, which now represent the majority of the company’s revenues.

Ardian’s investment in Nutripure will allow the company to prepare for the next phase of its development, while maintaining its strong growth trajectory. Ardian Growth’s team, with its investment track record in the sector, will provide Nutripure with access to its vast network. The team will work with the founders on the company strategic pillars, including product development, marketing positioning, sales channel optimization, as well as the company’s internal organization. Bpifrance will also contribute to the plan by providing its support services.

“We are very happy to join Florent and Christophe Carrio in this new step of the Nutripure’s development. This company and its founders are fully in line with Ardian Growth’s DNA, with a profitable growth model and a committed vision. Our investment in Nutripure will allow us to provide the founders with our expertise in e-commerce business models, as well as in the health sector and dietary supplements in particular,” said Frédéric Quéru, Managing Director in Ardian’s Growth Team.

“In four years, Nutripure has succeeded in becoming a reference brand in the sector. Ardian’s and Bpifrance’s investment reflects our desire to secure future growth while remaining a majority stakeholder. Our mission to help everyone achieve their personal or sporting goals remains unchanged, just like the team of athletes we are supporting for Paris 2024,” said Florent Carrio, Founder of Nutripure and CEO.

“High level performance is always associated with three core principles: willpower – fundamentals – a progressive and rational application. I have been applying these principles personally for the past three decades and my brother and I have been passing this on and sharing this with the Nutripure community. Ardian’s and Bpifrance’s entry will allow us to progress and reach more people by helping them to make progress while improving their health,” said Christophe Carrio, Founder of Nutripure.

“Supporting an ambitious e-commerce player in a booming market with an authentic brand is fully in line with Bpifrance’s mission. Nutripure and its founders embody values that we hold dear. We are proud to invest alongside Ardian Growth, an investor specializing in the sector, and to support Florent and Christophe in the development of this unique player,” said Arnaud Despoisse, Senior Investment Manager at Bpifrance.