ARKequity Buys Into Integrity Health

ARKequity LLC has acquired a minority stake in Integrity Health, a Princeton, N.J.-based health benefits management company. No financial terms were disclosed.


ARKequity, LLC today announced its affiliation with “Integrity Health”, a New Jersey based health benefits management company ( The Company is a funding partner for Integrity Health and is providing financial advisory services on an ongoing basis.

Founded and operated by innovative industry leader Douglas Forrester, Integrity Health offers plan sponsors and their employees a customized and complete administrative program for healthcare, coupled with insurance protection from a rated carrier.

“Integrity Health is a bold new initiative in providing health benefits,” said David J. Reape, ARKequity Chairman. “It’s based on sound and proven theories that are decades old. Up until now, no one has put these theories on prevention, transparency and early care into practice with web-based technology in much the same the way as Integrity Health has done.”

According to Mr. Reape, healthcare represents one of the few industries that offers multiple, positive drivers for future growth. “The rising costs of healthcare, and the impact of these costs on the competitiveness of U.S. companies is placing a premium on cost containment solutions. This focus is occurring against a backdrop of an aging U.S. population that will increasingly require more healthcare services and a change in the administration in Washington where both parties and candidates are placing healthcare reform high on their list of priorities.”

Doug Forrester stated, “While the outcome of trends is somewhat uncertain, what remains constant is that every member of the healthcare value chain – consumers, sponsors, insurers and governments – are looking for better, more effective ways to manage costs and improve wellness.”

Partnering with Integrity Health was ideal for ARKequity. “Because of its unique positioning in the market, and because of the opportunity to work with Doug Forrester, the founding principal of a major prescriptions benefit company who championed early intervention and wellness issuers in his US Senate and Gubernatorial campaigns, we know we have the right partner in this important segment”, concluded Reape.

Launched in July 2008, Integrity Health presently has more than 5,000 lives under contract comprised primarily of school teachers and their families in the New Jersey market. The company’s model can produce tangible cost savings for employers and municipalities nationwide, and programs are in development for plan sponsors in a variety of states for introduction over the coming year.

For further information please contact David R. Evanson. 610-505-0832.

About Integrity Health:

Integrity Health offers individuals a customized and administrative program for healthcare coupled with insurance protection from a rated carrier, providing plan sponsors with a turnkey solutions including state-of-the-art TPA, disease management and network services. The company offers an industry leading website at

About ARKequity:

ARKequity is a private equity company based in Radnor, Pennsylvania. Accelerating entrepreneurial enterprises, ARKequity provides economic and intellectual capital, wrapping safety around uncertainty. ARKequity invests in passionate entrepreneurs over a broad range of industry, who offer dynamic strategy and uncompromising commitment for success. The company features a progressive online website at