As Cheney Exits Left, Google Finally Gets Satellite Pics of VP’s House

Not a political statement, but a funny report all the same, from the global news agency AFP:

Google Maps has a clear satellite view of the US vice president’s home available online in a development that curiously coincides with the departure of secret-prone Dick Cheney.

The abode in Washington, DC, that has served for 25 years as official residence for US vice presidents had been digitally blurred at Google Earth during George W. Bush’s second term in office.

Mere days before Barack Obama officially assumed the mantel as US president and Joe Biden took an oath as vice president on January 20, the fuzzy satellite image of One Observatory Circle was swapped for a clear picture.

The home is on the grounds of the National Observatory.

Google reportedly got the updated image from Digital Globe, a company that provides photographs from commercial satellites. The former picture with obscured pixels was from US Geological Survey, according to Google.