Asiya Investments Launches in Hong Kong

Asian specialist investment firm Asiya Investments has launched Asiya Investments Hong Kong. The firm will manage the business’ emerging Asia investment activities from that base.


Asiya Investments (“Asiya”), the Asia specialist investment firm, today

announced the launch of Asiya Investments Hong Kong Limited (“Asiya Hong Kong”),

licensed and regulated by the Securities & Futures Commission (SFC), from where

the firm`s Emerging Asia investment activities will be managed.

The Company`s establishment of a permanent, on-the-ground, presence is in

response to growing demand from GCC investors for more direct access to Emerging

Asia`s growth opportunities. Asiya Investments` proximity to these markets is

expected to further deepen its relationships with local institutions and

businesses and enhance its ability to source more investments in Emerging Asia,

which today accounts for over 20% of the world`s GDP and 35% of the growth in

the global economy.

Asiya Hong Kong is managed by its two Executive Directors, Sulaiman Alireza and

Dan Xystus. With a 20-strong team of investment professionals in place in Hong

Kong, they will focus on further building Asiya`s investments in public markets

as well as direct investments across Emerging Asia.

Mr. Alireza spearheaded the establishment of the Hong Kong entity, having

previously worked at HSBC`s Capital Markets division and spent over 8 years in

Hong Kong. He now leads the Direct Investments and Joint Ventures practice. Mr.

Xystus in turn leads the firm`s Public Equity investments and enjoys over 20

years experience in the financial markets. Having been a Managing Director at

Chicago Equity Partners, he joined the Group in 2008 when he led the

establishment and then management of Asiya`s public equity investments and hedge

fund strategies. The hedge funds now have a strong track record over the last

three years.

Commenting on the announcement, Mr. Ahmad Al-Hamad, Group Managing Director of

Asiya Investments, said: “We are really excited about this move, which we have

been working on since we established Asiya Investments Dubai last year. What

this move does for us is build upon the solid foundations we`ve established over

the past eight years. Since 2005, we have steadily built a strong presence in

Asia through our partners and the investments we`ve made, which total over $500


He continued, “Historically, there has been an under investment from the GCC

into Asia relative to the region`s share of global growth. Now we`re finding

increasing demand from Arab investors for detailed knowledge of the investment

landscape in Asia. This presence, in the heart of Asia, puts us in an even

better position to address this portfolio imbalance and deliver that expertise

to our shareholders and partners. We offer them unique access to direct deals

and world-class investment management capabilities – both areas in which we have

generated a robust track record of performance and returns for Asiya and our

co-investors. We`re also going to use our base in Hong Kong to facilitate joint

ventures between companies in Emerging Asia and the GCC, as we see an

intensifying level of economic and social engagement between the two regions.”

The establishment of the firm`s Hong Kong presence marks the planned and

continued expansion of the Group. In May 2012, Asiya Investments Dubai was

launched as its Investment Advisory arm based in the Dubai International

Financial Centre (DIFC), as a wholly owned subsidiary of the Group`s Corporate

Office in Kuwait.

Asiya Investments is an investment firm specialising entirely in Emerging Asia,

acting as a bridge for investments between the Middle East and the markets of

Emerging Asia. Asiya does this by inviting clients to invest with it in a range

of assets in which the firm invests its own capital, including public and

private equity, real estate and income producing strategies. The firm

specifically concentrates on investment and advisory in sectors that will

benefit from rising domestic demand in Emerging Asia, driven by population

growth and accelerated urbanization. Key sectors for the Firm include: Energy,

Real Estate, Infrastructure, Financial Services and Consumer Products.

Additionally, Asiya also provides co-investment opportunities as well as

research and advisory services on direct investments, acquisitions and joint


Asiya Investments Hong Kong Limited is licensed and regulated by the Securities

& Futures Commission (SFC), to carry Type 4 (Advising on Securities) and Type 9

(Asset Management) activities.

About Asiya Investments:

Asiya Investments is a premier Emerging Asia specialist investment firm,

providing a gateway for capital flows to and from growing markets in Asia.

The Firm builds paths for investment opportunities between the Arab world and

high growth emerging Asian countries. With locations in Asia and the Middle

East, it offers its clients the opportunity to co-invest in Asia through its

asset management products and direct investments. The Firm`s clients also

benefit from access to its Economic Research and Advisory Services to help them

in effectively building their investment strategies between both regions

Asiya Investments has been investing in Emerging Asia since 2005. Originally

established as the Kuwait China Investment Company, the Group provides its

shareholders and clients with the benefit of an 8 year track record of investing

in the Asian markets. Its shareholders include some of the most prominent

institutional investors and business leaders in the region including the Kuwait

Investment Authority (KIA), Alghanim Industries, HH Sultan M. bin Saud Al-Kabir

of Saudi Arabia and other private sector GCC shareholders.

The Group currently consists of the Corporate Office in Kuwait, the Investment

Advisory arm in the Dubai International Financial Centre, and the Investment

Management arm in Hong Kong.