Atomic Reach Raises $1.25M Of Financing Led by GenWealth

Atomic Reach Inc., a content marketing platform for brands and bloggers, obtained financing of C$1.25 million. The deal was led by Canadian venture capital firm GenWealth Venture Partners with the participation of MaRS Investment Accelerator Fund. Toronto-based Atomic Reach will utilize the proceeds to launch its new content marketing platform, v3.0, and expand the company’s business development team.


GenWealth Ventures LP and the MaRS Investment Accelerator Fund (IAF) Invest $1.25M in Atomic Reach Inc.

TORONTO, ON, January 29, 2012 – Content marketing startup Atomic Reach announced today that it has secured a second round of financing led by Genwealth Venture Partners with participation from the Investment Accelerator Fund (IAF), both based in Toronto, Ontario. The funds will be used by Atomic Reach to support the development of the company’s new content marketing platform v3.0, scheduled to be launched in early spring and the expansion of its business development team to ac¬celerate growth into new markets.

“As brands continue to identify innovative ways to compete for the attention of their customers and prospects online, content has once again become the most important weapon in a company’s marketing arsenal,” said Atomic Reach founder and CEO Bradley Silver. “Consumers have a finite amount of time each day to digitally interact with brands and that slice of attention is further fragment¬ed and shared with producers of information and entertainment based content. As such, innovative brands are racing to adopt content strategies that contemplate the delivery of relevant information designed to address the daily lifestyle and work related interests of their key stakeholders.”

In the 12 months since it officially launched, Atomic Reach has experienced strong adoption with brands and bloggers seeking to collaborate in the exchange and distribution of high-quality content. Working with GenWealth Ventures and the IAF will help expand Atomic Reach’s team and accelerate the development of the company’s third generation curation platform which it believes will be industry changing.

“Atomic Reach demonstrates the characteristics, experience and potential that defines what we are looking for in early stage companies. They have a great product vision that has changed and will continue to positively impact the content marketing landscape. Most importantly, they have secured a proven management team and a world-class Board including Ken Nickerson and Craig Wallace,” said Mark Lozzi, Managing Director of Genwealth Ventures. “Atomic Reach is an example of the high calibre and rich potential of the type of companies we are seeking in the Toronto region”.

“We see the content marketing space poised for continued and significant growth over the next cou-ple years. Content platforms that are positioned to simplify and enable mass market adoption, such as Atomic Reach, have the potential to permanently change the way in which marketers think about their digital strategies”, said Michelle McBane – Investment Director at IAF.

About Atomic Reach

Atomic Reach is a robust content marketing platform that enables brands and bloggers to expand their reach, improve user engagement and drive more revenue through community collaboration. For many brands and bloggers, creating content is challenging, time-consuming and expensive. However, a dynamic and constant flow of content is an essential requirement in building traction, growth and awareness.

Atomic Reach is the solution to this problem. Our tools make it easy to:
• build customized communities featuring high quality content
• select your favorite posts using our intuitive curation engine
• feed your website and social networks with a daily selection of rich content
• align your content with the needs and interests of your audience
• measure and track program performance
Our mission is to help brands and bloggers revolutionize the interaction, exchange and promotion of great content, please visit: (Twitter:@Atomic_Reach)

About GenWealth Venture LP

GenWealth Ventures LP is an Entrepreneur-centric investment fund. Our culture is as unique and creative as the entrepreneurs who inspire us. Launched in 2011, GenWealth brings a wide range of experience, discipline and passion to every one of our portfolio companies.

We back early stage technology companies and offer a wide array of support in helping them achieve growth and profitability within their respective markets. We are not a passive investor, our boutique style of partnering comes with active participation and engagement with our investee companies.

As an early stage investment fund, we focus on businesses that are either in market, or in final beta stage. We provide standalone equity investments up to $750,000, and are pleased to co-invest along with other active funds. Genwealth is a Toronto based VC supporting the exciting universe of start-ups in Southern Ontario,

About Investment Accelerator Fund

The Investment Accelerator Fund (IAF) (@MaRSIAF) provides up to $500,000 in seed funding to qualified emerging companies in Ontario. A critical component of the Ontario Network of Excellence (ONE), the IAF supports the launch and development of innovative companies in Ontario’s priority sectors of advanced materials and manufacturing, information technology, cleantech and life scienc¬es,

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