Why Do VCs Have Ownership Targets? And Why 20%?

Ownership is a relatively puzzling concept in venture capital. It seems like almost all institutional investors have an ownership target, and many stick to that number pretty religiously. But why and where does that come from? Rob Go asks in a guest post.


Making Sense of Micro-VCs and Super Angels — A Primer

For better or worse, Micro-VC’s and Super Angels seem to be the new intriguing sub-segment within Venture Capital. Funds like First Round Capital, Floodgate, Lowercase, Founder Collective, IA Venture Partners, Harrison Metal, and Felicis and individuals like Ron Conway, Keith Rabois and others show up multiple times a day on TechCrunch and seem to be behind every high profile investment in the internet world.

How did this happen? Are these groups just a new fad or is a fundamental and long lasting change happening in the early-stage financing eco-system?

Here’s a quick primer on this new category of early-stage investor:


Top 3 Things I Learned As A VC

This past Friday was my last day at Spark Capital.

It has been a privilege to be a part of this team. I have grown in ways that I didn’t expect, and was glad to be part of a firm that allowed me to interact with such wonderful entrepreneurs and early stage investors each day. I owe a lot to the partners at Spark for their support and mentorship and am proud to say that I was a part of building this firm over the past several years.

When you end something and embark on a new adventure, it’s always important to look back. I didn’t really intend to become an investor when I moved back to Boston from Silicon Valley. But I did, and I learned so much that it’s hard to distill into a few points. But here are a few highlights: