VCJ Cover Story: Lights, Camera, Action, Disrupt!

Shortly before he died, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs told his biographer, Walter Isaacson, that he had “finally cracked” the secret of the connected TV. The resulting product could be an easy-to-use Internet television that syncs with other devices and the cloud and perhaps respond to voice commands. Imagine what this will do to the venture […]

VCJ Cover Story: The Rise of the Celeb Investors

Life is imitating art on the TV show “Two and a Half Men,” in which actor Ashton Kutcher plays an Internet billionaire. In real life, Kutcher is an Internet investor, with plenty of actual startups to his credit, including room rental service Airbnb, social magazine app Flipboard, travel search site Hipmunk and mobile marketplace provider […]

VCJ Report: VCs Show a Yen for Japanese M&A

As a venture capitalist with a long list of contacts in Silicon Valley and Tokyo, Gen Isayama is accustomed to introducing startups to strategic partners on opposite sides of the Pacific Ocean. Never before, however, has he gotten so many requests to do so. Isayama, a partner at DCM, tells Joanna Glasner of Venture Capital […]

VCJ Cover Story: Biofuels Litmus Test

The IPO market has been quiet for a couple of months, and the Solyndra bankruptcy has cast a pall over the VC-backed cleantech sector. But that could change soon, as a total of 15 cleantech companies wait in registration for a chance to launch public offerings, including a handful of biofuels developers. Combined, they could […]


VCJ Report: NewMe Accelerator, MC Hammer and Magic Johnson Helping Drive Black Innovation: UPDATED

African Americans have long been under-represented in Silicon Valley and most other tech communities. But thanks to several new programs and fresh attitudes, that’s finally starting to change. One promising program is the NewMe Accelerator, which recently wrapped up its inaugural nine-week program. A group of mostly black entrepreneurs from eight startups lived and worked […]

VCJ Cover Story: The Mobile Explosion

Mobile investing is exploding. And as Mark Boslet reported in the latest issue of Venture Capital Journal, funding in the mobile sector through the first 7 1/2 months of the year already exceeds all of last year as investors bet on startups combining mobile, social media and location-based technologies to create services that few can imagine […]

VCJ Interview: Eric Ries Brings Order to the Unruly World of Early Stage Entrepreneurship

Eric Ries, author of the “The Lean Startup,” offers a worthy attempt to bring the scientific method to the often intuitive exploration of young companies.

What leads most startups astray is the lack of a disciplined, empirical procedure for making decisions, says Ries, who also writes on the blog Startup Lessons Learned and is a 2010-11 entrepreneur-in-residence at Harvard Business School.

Ries (pictured) is by equal measure upbeat and cautionary. He sees a worldwide renaissance of entrepreneurialism, but worries about wasted, misguided efforts.

Venture investors take heart. He has an answer, which he details in the October 2011 issue of Venture Capital Journal.

“The nice thing about relying on human judgment and using the scientific method is …


VCJ Report: Travel Sites Taking Off

A year ago, Adam Goldstein and Steve Huffman, frustrated with their online travel search experiences, co-founded San Francisco-based Hipmunk to help people book travel plans quicker and easier. The Hipmunk site is a hit with users and some VCs, as the company has raised $5.2 million in venture funding from Ignition Partners, Y Combinator, SV […]

VCJ Cover Story: Remembering 9/11

It’s often said that 9/11 changed everything. No doubt, the horrible events of that awful day altered life in America and the world forever. Ten years later, it’s a question worth asking, even if there is no simple answer: What’s changed since then? VCJ contributor Tom Stein asked that question of several VCs, including Dixon […]


VCJ Report: Analytics Add Up for VCs

As the latest funding of Buddy Media demonstrated earlier this month, VCs are placing their bets on social media analytics. After all, they made a ton of money previously in the data analytics space. VCs first cashed in on enterprise analytics, with business intelligence companies like Hyperion Software and Business Objects selling for billions. Next […]

VCJ Report: Photo Shopping

You can’t go anywhere these days without someone pulling out their smartphone and taking a pic or two with their camera to upload to Facebook, Twitter, Foodspotting or other social media sites. It’s estimated that more than 200 million photos are uploaded to Facebook every day, making it the largest photo sharing site in the […]

VCJ Report: Corporate VC is Back

Corporate VCs, like the locust, follow cycles. When times are good, they come in droves to munch on the innovation growing like leaves inside technology and medical startups. When times are bad, they return to their solitary habits. Times must be good again because by all accounts corporate venture investors are back in action. They […]

VCJ Cover Story: The Networking Effect

Most everyone knows the story of the “PayPal Mafia.” The term refers to how a network of founders and early employees of the online payment services company—people such as Peter Thiel, Max Levchin, Ken Howery, Luke Nosek, Roelof Botha, Elon Musk, Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, Jawed Karim and Reid Hoffman, among others—leveraged their connections to […]

VCJ Report: Big Money in Data Bottlenecks

Reading about the latest growth in digital data traffic and storage capacity is an easy way to make the head spin. Last year, for the first time, digital data creation surpassed one zettabyte—the equivalent of 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 individual bytes, according to research firm IDC. That’s a more than five-fold increase from the levels of just four […]

VCJ Report: Signs of Life in Digital Death

It’s the eternal questions, at least as far as some investors and entrepreneurs are concerned: Is there life in the digital death market? The Internet and social media have changed the way people live and interact. But what happens to our digital identifies—Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, email logins, Web domains, Spotify accounts, etc.—after we die? […]

VCJ Cover Story: Internet M&A on the Rise

As the Q2 Exit Poll numbers released today show, the Internet is driving the exit activity. This is no surprise to Google and other large acquirers. The Internet titan, which racked up 48 acquisitions in 2010, is on a similar pace this year and is even rumored to be looking at bringing Hulu into the […]


VCJ Report: Predicting Success in VC

Every venture capitalist wants to know what sector is ripe for innovation and when to invest. Firms often ask young associates to do the leg work, by attending conferences and meeting with cash-hungry startups that are under the radar. Or firms compile data from independent sources, such as from Gartner and other market research firms, […]