Fund Profile Germany VC

Point Nine Capital: branching out from Berlin

By Alex Derber, VCJ correspondent Point Nine Capital’s origins appear fairly typical of the consumer-oriented, locally active VCs that most people associate with Berlin. But the firm, with 73 companies in a far-flung portfolio, is far from typical. Unlike many of its peer VC firms, Point Nine has no significant weighting toward the German capital. The […]

France French Flag VC

NewAlpha fosters French fintech

By Alex Derber, VCJ correspondent European financial-technology investment spiked in the first quarter, rising about 50 percent year on year to more than $600 million, according to consulting firm KPMG. The United Kingdom and Germany account for most for the extra activity, but France, Europe’s other large economy, curiously lags, having hosted none of the […]

Dashboard VC

Dashboard: Fundraising spikes in June, deal activity falls

Venture activity in June was mostly positive as M&A, IPOs and firm fundraising each increased during the month. Only deal value fell from the month before, according to VCJ‘s analysis of the preliminary data from Thomson Reuters. U.S.-based fundraising had its best month of the year in June as 28 firms collected $8.24 billion in […]

Stock Market PVCI VC

Venture-backed stocks held steady in June

The Thomson Reuters’ Post-Venture Capital Index (PVCI) saw an incremental climb of 6.36 points to end June at 1116.48, a 0.57 percent gain from the 1110.12 mark at the end of May. The index value for the end of June is a gain of more than 150 points, or 15.5 percent, since the start of the […]

France Fund Profile VC Flag

Venture valuations are rising in France, but bigger exits needed

By Alex Derber, VCJ Correspondent French VC funds don’t tend to attract transatlantic investment, and it’s rarer still for one to form without any government money. Paris-based Newfund meets both of those descriptions, with about 15 percent of its second fund, so far, sourced from U.S. residents, albeit ones with a French connection. “Let’s just […]

Indonesia Video VC

Video: Indonesia is the next hyper-growth market

By Jeff Harbach, Kauffman Fellows In Indonesia, investors and entrepreneurs can find investments that will no doubt become billion-dollar businesses, and in many ways with lower risk. That’s because models that have been proven out already in other parts of the world are still being put in place in what is the world’s fourth most […]

Stock Wall Street PVCI

Data report: VC-backed stocks inch higher in May

The Thomson Reuters’ Post-Venture Capital Index (PVCI) inched forward by 3.84 points to end May at 1110.12, a .34 percent gain from the 1106.28 mark at the end of April. The May month ending index value stands more than 144 points above the 966 mark to start the year. The Nasdaq and S&P also moved upwards […]

Kauffman Fellows Video

Video: Is venture investing an art or a science?

By Jeff Harbach, Kauffman Fellows For too long, venture capital investment decisions have been purely subjective, with investors relying on only gut instinct and pattern recognition to select which startups to fund. Just as often, the people who are funded tend to look a whole lot like one another. But today, a new generation of […]

Fund Profile London Europe China VC

London-based Silk Ventures smooths startups’ entry into China

By Alex Derber, VCJ Correspondent For all the talk about startups with global aspirations, North American companies usually make Europe their first port of call, and vice-versa. Similar legal systems, language and culture justify this move, but some investors are heading in a different direction: China. Atlantic Bridge of Dublin, for instance, has a $100 million […]

Ohio Midwest VC

What B2B startups can learn from Midwest (Ohio) founders

By Tom Walker, Rev1 Ventures While capital may be harder to come by in the Midwest versus our coastal counterparts, there is more capital available now in the Great Lakes region and surrounding states. Entrepreneurs are growing increasingly savvy about gaining access to it. Landing customers goes hand-in-hand with landing capital. There’s no better way […]

Awards SIPA

VCJ brings home two writing awards from SIPA

Buyouts Insider, publisher of VCJ, took home seven awards from the Specialized Information Publishers Association 41st annual conference last week, including two editorial-writing awards for VCJ. VCJ Senior Editor Mark Boslet won first place in the category Best Financial/Investing Interpretative or Analytical Reporting for a story posted in October 2016 called “Chinese Cash Floods Into […]

Data Metrics VC

Why data and metrics should matter more than gut in the VC world

By Clint Korver, Ulu Ventures Venture capitalists worldwide make more than $100 billion in investments annually, but rather than making those choices by following a rigorous, analytic process, the average professional looking to finance the next Facebook or Uber relies more on the magic of gut instinct. That’s not just an informed opinion by a […]