Debt financing for tomorrow’s cannabis industry

With legalization on the horizon, discussion among industry observers is increasingly concerned with how cannabis businesses, particularly licensed producers, will access the funds they need to succeed in a rapidly evolving and highly competitive recreational market. To date, the focus has largely been on equity financing. In a PE Hub Canada feature article, Torys LLP Partners Amanda Balasubramanian and Scott Bomhof and Stephen Dalby look at the potential role for effective debt financing strategies.


Torys’ Private Equity in Focus in 2016: all about debt

American investors are a major force in Canada’s private equity market, Torys LLP‘s Amanda Balasubramanian and Jonathan Wiener write. But when they undertake deals in Canada, U.S. investors encounter big differences in debt terms relative to south of the border. Balasubramanian and Wiener discuss these differences and what they mean for future deal-making.