Thomas Friedman – Can’t Get No Respect

What’s with the Tom Friedman bashing? In 24 short hours from prime-time glorious mention of venture capital in Sunday’s New York Times op-ed pages, to opinionated humiliation at peHUB. Easy boys, he’s just a writer. He doesn’t make the rules, he just reports them. Or tries to. And yes, sometimes he can be wrong, just […]


iPhone Apps: Windows, Facebook or Flying Toasters

Will the iPhone platform help anyone make money? The underlying questions are 1) What is a platform? 2) Is the iPhone a platform or just a fun piece of hardware?

Last year Facebook evolved from an application to a platform enabling a gold rush of investment in application vendors and new venture funds focused on monetizing the new platform.

Presumably being a platform is better than being an application, as anybody old enough to remember the Flying Toaster screensaver can attest. After near-ubiquity in the PC era, Wes Boyd and better half Joan Blades (who would later go on to found MoveOn.org) in 1997 sold Berkeley Systems — including its Flying Toaster application — for a reported $13.7 million. In 2008 dollars, this would be a Series A. Applications were not a way to make money in the 1990s.


What Happens in Vegas…

Another year, another blizzard of VCs descending on the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas to check out the latest venture deals. Well, not exactly.  “What’s the latest in the plasma vs. LCD debate?” I asked a VC friend as we crossed paths in the turbulent canals of the Venetian Hotel. “I didn’t focus on it […]


I Am America (And So Can You!)

If Stephen Colbert can guest write a column for Maureen Dowd in the Sunday New York Times to pitch his new book then certainly Gary Snoman can take up some space on peHUB to take his new movie to the people. So I cede the balance of my time to our good friend Gary… Thank […]

I Had Lunch at Google Yesterday

I had lunch at Google yesterday. I mention this only because everybody else does. But it was really the news that PE professionals make more from fees than from carried interest that got me to share my schedule. I’ll explain shortly. For now, the item I’d like to share is that I had lunch at […]


Stop! In the Name of Love, Before You Break My Heart…

Diana Ross may be fretting, but the Supremes are betting! Specifically, they are betting that their recent decision on patent protection won’t stifle innovation (as some critics have argued), but actually will increase the relevancy of intellectual property in the economy. The Supremes have recently issued four rulings which would seem to significantly narrow the […]


Nasdaq, AOL or Yahoo – The Next/Last Great Venture Exit?

More than Nasdaq or AIM, Yahoo has become in recent years The Great Venture Exit. Nestled in Sunnyvale only a Prius’s putter away from Google HQ, the elderstatesman of the Internet was only yesterday the contemplated ramp to riches for many college-aged entrepreneurs hoping to cash their internet traffic for a cool $1.65 billion. So […]

Web 2.0 Summit, Hold the Mayo

The IT establishment (or at least one person in it: Andy Grove) has been working hard for many years to bring the medical world out of the dark ages and improve record keeping (http://med.stanford.edu/about_photo/) . Mayo is clearly ahead of the curve.


Of Snipers and Virgins

I wonder how long the Middle East War analogy can carry me into the PEHUB universe. BTW, how do you pronounce peHUB? PEE-HUB? PEE-WEE-HUB? Judging from the responses to my virgin steps onto the blogosphere, I think that’s probably pretty close. I’ve been tracking recent military developments in Iraq to learn that, in addition to […]


VC Learnings for Make Benefit Glorious Future

72 virgins. We all know who gets them. No, I’m not talking about Al Queda or the Taliban. I’m looking closer to home, right here in our VC backyard. One the industry’s most venerable VC firms yanks the megaphone from the hands of the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal to pronounce its […]