Stepping on the Peers

Institutional investors are taking over the nascent peer-to-peer lending industry, says guest columnist David Drake, founder of PE firm LDJ Capital.

A Storm is Brewing (Part II)

VC funds will soon be able to advertise in the US for retail investors, says guest columnist David Drake. A storm is brewing. This a fundamental shift in US financial leadership and capital formation.


PE Predictions for 2013

Leading off the new year, peHUB guest blogger David Drake has some thoughts about what lies well beyond the fiscal cliff–and its impact on jobs and LPs. Here’s our first prediction piece for 2013.

Importing Brain Capital with EB6

Senator John Kerry (D-MA) and Senator Richard Lugar (R-IN) introduced a Start-Up Visa Act earlier this year. David Drake, our guest blogger, asks: can the EB6 proposal be as appealing to LPs as it is to entrepreneurs?